Is an 'SSF' mod possible to pull off?

Hey GD modders,

The way I like to play this game is that every character is growing their power on their own and each one has to break through struggle and strife to become the killing machine he was set out to be. This is why I really enjoy fresh starts and I rarely use the shared stash.

Is it possible to make a mod that is vanilla in game play, but forces you to unlock blueprints and recipes and such on each character you make with that mod? And would such a mod be compatible with GrimInternals?

I don’t know, but if you’re not running multiple characters then just delete the Save folder every time you want to start a new character. That should clear everything.

That’s right, but that would mean I would have to back up characters and their unlock progress and every time I want to switch, I have to put the other one back into the folder. Maybe, I’ll write a tool for that, shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, but I was kinda hoping there could be an in-game way of doing that.

Can one not just do a mod that does nothing? And then just have one mod per char?

Not sure since blueprints/recipes are SC-wide or HC-wide.

AFAIK not really possible. There is no way to lock blue prints between characters.

The best option is what Ulvar said, so long as you don’t use the shared stash (just ignore it, I guess). Just create a “blank” mod, each mod has it’s own learned recipes file I think, so you will have to create a mod for each character you have and make sure to load the right character in the right mod…