Is anyone pre-leveling single-class characters for the upcoming expansion?

It’s not just me, is it?

The limited info available so far suggests that Demolitionist and Arcanist will work with Inquisitor. So I’m thinking about stopping at 15 or 20 Mastery points and respecing later, so as not to over-commit points. Arguably, some higher-tier skills like Blast Shield and Thermite Mines are worth the commitment due to the general utility, so maybe I’ll make it easier on myself if I change my mind or start to feel cramped trying to level up effectively.

I’m not sure what the best temporary builds are for leveling. Maybe Sky Shard or Replicating Missile on the Arcanist, and the Demolitionist will do Fire Strike or Grenado maybe.

It’s going to be a drag having a gear imbalance, though. +skills are going to be one-sided for a while after the launch, whenever it happens.

I intend to do that too.

whatever new classes are I would sure combine them with occultist. :wink:

I’m not yet, but I may. As is, we still have 3+ months before the expansion will come out likely, I’ll probably start a month beforehand.

That is quite clever, and I will at least have to do this with a Demolitionist, as it appears to synergize amazingly well with the Inquisitor and is pretty great stand-alone mastery. As a matter of fact, I think anything with decent gear could accomplish this. Thanks for the idea!

Nightblade + all

Seriously though, it has some serious synergy with every class (Demo is a stretch but you can go for Elemental damage)

Necromancer + Soldier


No way.

The game will probably change a lot before the expansion, and with the expansion for sure. I´d rather have fun leveling a character later, with alle the changes and improvements.

Also we have VERY limited information about the new classes, or the itemization, and leveling a single-class char “for later” sounds like a pain in the ass.

I´ll level the new classes from 1-XX when the expansion is out, I think that is a better way to learn a new class and its strengths/weaknesses.

i agree with tsuelue, although i understand why one would do that. i rather theorycraft deeply my builds before giving a try, so i’ll wait for the expansion release (not to mention i have still many char which i have no time to level atm :p).

I was planning to, until I realized that we’ve not been told that NOTHING in the beginning of the game is changing. The new classes might have special dialogue or something, or they might even be adding new hidden areas. We know the expansion is adding more to the story’s end, and 2 new classes…We don’t know that it isn’t adding anything to the areas we already have.

I’ll pre-level a character if they pre-release Necromancer :rolleyes:

i also agree with tsuelue, i prefer to level when the expansion came out for learn the new mechanics “on the road”

I’m pre-leveling a no-class character in Crucible. You just do waves 1-10 and then collect rewards - rinse and repeat. I’m now at lvl 21 and I have 12 Devotion points. Then, when a good build arrives, I can quickly distribute points and reach BiS gear level quite fast. I have searing ember’s fireblast as my primary attack and a cracked lodestone’s lightning nova as my secondary attack. All my gear is chosen to boost stats (so I could wear it) and I put polished emeralds in much of my gear plus one or two ectoplasms for energy regen. It’s quite effective, especially when you get falcon swoop. I don’t assign any skill or character points until I decide what classes to choose. I might do the main campaign quest with Viloth to get another inventory slot, but I don’t fix any shrines as it makes buying devotions in crucible more expensive.

I do sometimes pre-level a single class character as a ‘reserve’ for the next build I try (in TQ, I used to often have a level 8 Dream character on hold.) but I think there are still too many unknowns, too many more possible changes/additions to skills, constellations, gear, etc. between now and this summer(if we are lucky enough to get it this summer.) Re-speccing might turn into a bit of a chore.

I tend to prefer Nightblade combos and Demolitionist combos. I will be very interested to see what you can do with both of those masteries + Inquisitor.

When is this expansion coming out anyway? Can it be now please? :smiley:

i am lvling a solo selfound s&b witchblade for 1.08… cause its nerfed lol

nerf -> challange accepted…

i find cadence playstyle super boring w/e some funky music helps for now.

act 1 ultimate lvl 59

I can understand the arguments against. It’s just a game, so I’m not too worried about failing to understand the nuances of the leveling power curve (maybe I’d feel differently if I played Hardcore). I tend to make too many low-level characters as it is, and with there being a lot of time to look forward still, it just felt like a good idea to do something constructive with the anticipation time.

Is anyone pre-leveling single-class characters for the upcoming expansion?

No, why? I have a habit of levelling mules in crucible. When I want a fresh level 30 character I can get one in roughly 3 hours, at least if it’s an Arcanist, Demo, Occultist or Shaman. Nightblade should be possible too, but haven’t tried. Clueless about Soldier, lol, probably Rifle Cadence can work.

And what if the meta on stat distribution changes dramatically? Would be sad to send these characters in the trash bin.

Maybe I’m just bad, but I tend to bank stat points and eventually spend most of them on Physique for gear and to avoid getting one-shotted. At least, that’s what my mostly-Arcanist PRM build has been doing at high levels. Maybe if it were a Soldier-heavy class, I would save some for Cunning or Spirit instead.

Since they’re not PvP or Hardcore, banking points is doable. Maximum efficiency isn’t needed to get to 60. I know because I’m bad and I still didn’t have an awful time on my Arcanist.