Is Chariot of the Dead constellation good?

So is Chariot constellation (especially its proc) any good? I mean if you get critically struck at ultimate too often aren’t you gonna be dead sooner or later regardless of this heal? And if you get only few crits then is this heal any good at all?
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It’s sucks :furious:

Actually, the proc doesn’t “suck” at what it does :

Healing you a bit after a 1st critical hit so that you’re not killed right after by a ‘normal’ hit.
It is not meant to be a potent heal, it wasn’t designed to ‘save’ your life while you face-tank the rest of the world.

Chariot is quite good if you need Cunning and OA. The proc is just a little bonus.

However, if you are only looking for healing power, there are better options : Behemoth’s Giant Blood (direct heal) / Tree of Life’s Healing Rain (Health regeneration)

Chariot doesn’t give much in return for the massive investments required.
The proc is definitely good, but the way to it is a waste of points.

I personally never touched this devotion after the nerf. Doesn’t worth it IMO.

Strictly inferior to Tree of Life or Behemoth and imo not worth taking. If you got crit in the first place, either you don’t need the heal because you don’t care about crits or you’re already dead.

Should be changed into a shield that activates on crit, to more properly reflect its description too, the act of sacrificing a part of your soul for protection. And shields should scale % with max hp. But that’s a discussion for another time.

It’s bad. It’s bonuses are quite small and the heal isn’t good. Almost all other defensive devotion options are better and you can get more OA in other places.

I believe there’s no good healing devotion ATM (maybe, except for Dryad’s Blessing).
Giant’s Blood has huge cd.
Tip the Scales and Ghoulish Hunger will only work with good vitality dmg bonuses.
Healing rain has so high requirements, that you’ll need to consciously waste up to 10 devotion points to get it.
Wayward soul is niether better nor worse than any of the mentioned above. For me it does what it’s supposed to - allows you to live until the healthpot or the next proc is on cd.

The ADCtH of Ghoulish Hunger and (I believe - haven’t used it myself) Tip the Scales applies to all your damage, not just the extra damage from the proc. These aren’t damage procs, they are buff procs that add damage & ADCtH, like a passive skill does.

I would much prefer to take Tree and Behemoth, and in fact you can have both in a build.

Slightly off topic, If you have a %dmg converted to health, say 15%, if I deal 100 dmg does that mean I actually deal 85 to the mob and 15 gets converted into health, or does it mean I still deal 100 dmg and I get healed for 15hp?

The latter.

Tip the Scales ADCtH only applies to the damage dealt by the Tip the Scales proc.

On my 2h Warder, I’ve seen the ‘get hit by crit’ proc in 1 out 15 Ultimate Cronelys while facetanking. Seems like a waste for a geared end game char atm but pretty decent for leveling in hardcore maybe; though the OA from the tree is nice.

It’s AWESOME until Ultimate where everything that doesnt insta melt has mega resists and reduced life leech and damage conversion mechanics. Then its a waste of points. They need to rebalance, the usefulness falls off a precipitous cliff waayyy to fast even with - resist and -res%

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Haven’t noticed that in Ultimate, myself. Whenever Ghoulish Hunger triggers for me (and assuming I’m not fighting only Obsidians), my health shoots up to 100% and stays there until I stop attacking or the buff wears off. DPS on that character is fairly low, too, compared to people posting about their 50k DPS or whatever. YMMV, I guess.