is elementalist morter totem valid?

I want to play a torrent kind of build, is it valid? maybe with the wind devils too? or just morter wendigo and lightining

what do you think?

Definitely valid. Playing one in act 2 ult hc right now and going good, mine is lightning base first and then fire.

hey, thnx
I just bought the game and need some help to find my hands and feet.
could you post the build on grimcalc or give a few pointers to help me get on the roud?


Storm totem max first with the exclusive skill that adds lightning damage. Totem max hits 6 targets with each bolt and doesn’t miss like mortars do. Even loghorrean on normal can get killed by about 6-10 storm totems so you just walk up, drop one near him, back up, wait for cooldown, repeat. Mortars are good since they reworked them but it’s good to max vines for it’s 75% slow down then mobs don’t get near you, nor does the mortars miss.

Also picking up its modifier will stop them in their tracks; I love Grasping Vines with Elemental Storm.

sounds great:)
what do you pick for devotion?
also wind devil dont worth the points?

This is the armchair general themed build, using mortars and storm totems.

I procured the celestial stone and been trying to level this. So far I can say that it works.


For some reason elemental seeker can only be assigned to flashbang or grasping vines, not mortar nor totem. Not that I’m complaining, I assigned them to vines and they spawn them like mad.

There are several items very easy to obtain, elite chosen vestments and mantle from KC vendors, emp. Orwell’s revolver also sold by them as a recipe, emp. embergrip handguards. I ended up only using mantle however, because many of these severely lack defensive stats. Also using runic bracers in the gloves slot for both hp and proc.

With boots and mask it is easy to max storm totem to ultimate rank, however, to max mortar, either badge of mastery or 2+ rares with mortar are needed. Ultimate rank mortar allows you to have 3 of them simultaneously. With Aldanar’s vanity you can also drop 2 mortars and 2 totems at once.

Got some footage

Ultimate Loghorrean
Chamber of Souls

I just tried to give him Grim Fate as a weapon. Damn, how I didn’t think about that earlier

Hi everybody !

This is my first post here, but I have already check this forum many time and it’s awesome, great mine of information about this fabulous game :smiley:

So, after test few char, I decided to make an engineer build focus on totem/mortar and I love it so much !

My engineer, called Enjinia (engineer in japanese, エンジニア) is actually lvl 32. I mainly use totem, mortar and flashbang. I’m stuffed with most heavy gear can I wear, one-hand weapon with maximum lighting/elementary damage (gun, melee or scepter, I don’t really use it to hit directly) and mage left hand with maximum lighting/elementary damage and cooldown reduction.

But, I’ve few questions about about certain part this build :

  • Stats. Actually, I’ve keep all of my stats point because I don’t want make a big mistake :undecided: I think I must put 50/50 in Phy/Spirit, right ?
  • Devotion. Like stats, actually nothing… But here, I don’t have any idea how to spent this point. Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance, I’ll go control battlefield with my tower :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. : I’m french and I don’t use any translate tools (except for few words), so excuse my english. I hope it’s enought understandable :smiley:

In devotion, you can go for either spear of heavens or blind sage like I did it. My devotion map is in the grim calc link. Since you will likely be using stormcaller’s pact, you need to grab all accessible offensive ability in devotions to crit. You also want some hp - elementalists have poor defenses. No damage absorption with stormcallers pact, no good armor, only blast shield. Relevant faction rares, epics and legendaries don’t help here either - no hp or good resist on them so don’t hesitate to use greens and yellows or epics with hp when you need more.

Regarding stats, its all about your devotion and gear really, and how many points you spend in masteries. You need a caster offhand, and thus spirit. How much - its probably not worth it to go for anything with higher requirements than Aldanar’s vanity, which is 505 spirit. Cooldown reduction on aldanar is too good for mortar trap to ignore.

You get some spirit from devotion, my build has as much as 65 spirit from owl, viper, lantern and blind sage. Then you get 15 from spellwoven threads and maybe more from focusing prism or other items.

Hi mammothhunter - thanks for this analysis as well as your other builds, but I don’t have a high-level Elementalist. Do you foresee a Commando being able to take advantage of the Demo buffs - specifically to the explosive devices - from the last patch? If so, your guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, I haven’t been playing GD lately to evaluate these changes and only came back to see the new content.

Mortar trap commando doesn’t sound like a good idea actually. Mortar consumes awful lot of energy which means you have to build it as a caster, with caster armor. You will not be a tank and then why go soldier at all. For shields? But that also means say goodbye to aldanar.

Commando in caster gear won’t have any damage absorption, regen or armor unless you go for defensive devotion with Menhir’s obelisk and Tree of Life. That way with field command it would be possible to aquire some armor and maybe also some hp regen, while using caster gear. But it will also take away from your offense. You will effectively gain nothing - become somewhat more tanky but also kill slower.

Trappers do not even need to facetank, its more like vitality totem caster but with fire and lightning. It is glass, and there is no good way to overcome it.

Many thanks for your reply, mammothhunter. Time to start leveling an Elementalist!