Is global retaliation affected by global conversion?


Could not find the answer so looking forward to update my knowledge of the game

KingRed_424 build i am talking about: Sentinel, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

48% Fire damage converted to Acid via Path of the Tree
50% Fire damage converted to Acid via Mythical Murmur’s Kiss

Yet there is still a healthy chunk of flat fire retaliation as you can see it.

Would somebody please explain me how this works?

I think it’s just GT not converting global retal properly. I’d check in-game, it should be converted there.


Of course global retaliation is affected by global conversion.
Beronath Sword was once the most powerful physical retal weapon with ele2phys conversion, before v1.1.8.2. And now it’s still used in some ele2phys retal builds of which original physical retal damage is banned (RtA Blitz for example).

This is a GT bug. In GT build calculator global conversion doesn’t affect retal damage but in game it does.

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