Is it a level based item?

Okay I have a level 31 S&B Frostburn Blademaster, and the author Ryzel advised to get a Glacier Relic for the build. Now I have everything I need for it except for the Ancient Heart.

Now I read on the games Wiki that it can drop from for instance Beasts and Eldritch creatures. But so far both my level 31 Blademaster and my level 40 Elementalist have no luck of getting a Ancient Heart. Now I read online that you can trade some items to the blacksmith in Necropolis to get a Ancient Heart, but both my characters are far from that place.

Now as the topic title already shows … is the Ancient Heart a drop item that only drops after a certain character level, or am I farming in the wrong areas with both my characters?

They only drop from Heroes (low chance) and Bosses (slightly better chance) of their respective race.

Gutwurm is a good enemy to farm for Ancient Hearts.

If you overlevel an enemy by ~10 levels, they will stop dropping these sorts of materials.

I’de also suggest the Pine Barrens running Mogara, Ol’Bloodbriar, Ungoliax and Bloodfeast and any heroes you run into inbetween.

So it would be better to use my level 31 Blademaster then I guess.

Thank you Ceno and Evil_Baka.