Is it dead?

I’m level 59, and I am trying to find people to play with in Multiplayer. The only multiplayer games are 2 games that are “locked”, is this game dead or am I just doing something wrong? I Would expect “a lot” more games to be available to join.

There are well more than 2 games presently available.

Were you playing a mod, perhaps? They tend to have much smaller playerbases.

Mm perhaps it is because I purchased it from GOG connect? I think I may have found my own answer…and it seems 90%+ players on STEAM…is there anyway other than re-purchasing it on steam to connect w/ that player base?

I managed to login to STEAM and add the game to the steam console/game list, but no difference

Sadly, no. The GoG version is completely separate from the Steam version.

Game is still alive. I wish crate have their own server

No GoG demands a DRM Free game. This means that all functionality had to be adjusted where needed. Including the multiplayer aspect. That is why GoG/Steam games can not connect to one another. Which is funny since you connect directly to someones PC and not a server. So why GoG had issues what that beats me.