Is it easier to play a Heavy armor type character?

Im playing a Inq/Demo caster type… This is my first time playing GD, and im currently level 55.

Its my experience there’s ALOT more heavy armor (requiring physique stat) being dropped rather than caster stuff…

What’s your opinion ?

Outside of random drops. You will meet the fleshwarped enemies regularly when you reach Homestead.

Ascended vestments/pauldrons don’t really start dropping in abundance till you reach Fort Ikon. You can get a mixed bag of enemies if you decide to run Port Valbury early.

I suppose to answer your question. I do find it easier to find heavy armor early in the game in comparison to caster armor. On the other hand you can make do early game with a good off-hand/sceptre/dagger etc.

Yes, if u go for heavy stuff, u will usually find yourself with a shield and once you become a “tank”. It’s one of ultimate lazy but still very powerful builds u can create since hitting you is actually sometimes good (retaliation ect.)… apart from pet builds.

Inq/Demo is considered a ranged character and more with kitting needs (hitting you is very bad).

The game favors melee characters to some degree as there are points in the game where you will be face tanking mobs. Most of the ranged is only possible with the best gear and builds. It’s not impossible, but it is easier to play melee and build accordingly. Of course, melee has a different set of challenges to ranged.