Is it just me or is Fervor relic OP

I’m making a poor man crucible farmer who uses 90% faction gear/recipes and I decided to have a really good look at fervor considering it’s so cheap to make.

10% OA and 25% crit damage that procs off any attack meaning it will always be up when it’s off cooldown making it 60% up time.

Everyone sings praises about the Inquisitor’s Deadly aim that only procs off critical hits, this thing is just as good as Deadly Aim maybe even better in some cases imo.

Has anyone used this and seen how amazing it really is or have they just over looked it as I had until now?

I’de say it’s in a similar boat to Zeal. So yeah, it’s pretty strong.

Its a okaysh relic for new player, before you find something with +1mastery .
OA is pretty inflated right now,cause most good builds sits at 3200+ and another 10% wont change much.

Zeal is much more expensive to make though and higher level and arguably has better stats, some attack speed and vit resist and proc will always be up when not on cooldown unlike zeal. Zeal also only has a (.3+(.3*.5))*(1-.75)=11.25% up time (crit chance has a soft cap of 30% right?)

I have Mortality relic and it’s questionable whether mortality is better then Fervor (vit RE/Siphon Souls/Doom Bolt build)

Edit: I take that back no it isn’t… my bad

I am using it in one of my builds. I don’t think that it is OP. But it is very useful at certain circumstances ! But definitely not for every build.

The most OP non-mythical relic is Haunt. It just blows out any other relic for aether-user with Arcanist mastery, and even for non-arcanist and vitality users it’s just awesome.

are you sure that’s how it works? most skills that have a duration and a cooldown start the cooldown after the buff expires, not when it triggers. don’t know if there are skills that start the cooldown right away while the buff is active. can’t think of one

Word of Renewal and Pnuematic Burst. Most procs seem to work where the cool down doesn’t start until after it expires, but normal skills seem to start the cool down when you hit the button.

While that is true that the cooldown doesn’t start until after the buff has expired, this particular one procs off literally any sort of attack (except suedo-pets) and with multiple attacks/procs it’s pretty much procced the second it comes off cooldown so it might not be 60% but it’s damn close to it

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yeah you’re right, but those 2 skills (and blood of dreeg) are more like permanent buffs merged with an instant heal and the cooldown is there to balance the instant heal, not the lingering buff.

the buff has a maximum uptime of 6 out of 16 seconds. ie. 37.5% uptime in the best case (assuming it’s instantly triggered again right when the cooldown is over)