Is it me or do v few epic wands drop ...

HI been playing a while.
Got four toons to lvl 60 hc and I have found one legendary wand in elite after playing through it many times - and not one epic wand

Though countless melee epics drop

WTF is going on with wand drops.

Anyone else feel the same?


RNG my friend. You need RNGesus.

Also i replied in your build thread, might want to take a look at it.

I’ll start praying, but wherever RNGjesus is - he plays melee - thats for sure


My friend plays melee and gets lots of pistols.

I play Nightblades and get tons of Shaman items.

RNGesus has a sense of humor, that’s for sure.

I don’t believe this is pure rng - I have taken multiple chars, over months, through Elite and have found at least 80 Ih 2H epic weapons and shields and ONE wand - that’s not rng - its drops in favour of melee.

Rng would or could not produce that ratio

80:1 over months of playing


If you actually start charting out items by type you’ll find rarity by item category is largely a thing of the past over a significantly large sample. The one thing that can skew it is the what you see is what you get system especially for boss weapons. Ie if you chain run Roldertheris you’ll end uo with lots of maces/spell tomes. For caster weapons Order of Death’s vigil nemesis or the Fort Haron boss both have a WYSIWYG caster weapon. Along with many of the generic members.

Thanks for the info.

But drops should be random. Finding 1 wand to 80 melee in regular play is very strange.