Is it not strange that items get lots of forum attention, but skills do not?

I find it odd that there are so many polls about which specific items need love.

But the fundamental skills/devotions see only the very rare thread suggestions on improvements - and almost never nerfs - which imho could lead to better variety in builds.

Am I missing something and do the majority think the skills/devotions are really that perfectly balanced?

Edit: referring to polls and dedicated OPs, as opposed to a small comment in a thread.

No one thinks the skills/devotions are perfect… they are getting balance tweaks every patch pretty much, just look at the change logs.

They’re not perfect, but they’re currently pretty well balanced and are on the whole almost as good as they’re going to get. There definitely used to be a lot more “useless trash” skills than there are now, and the weaker/overly powerful ones do still get tweaks from patch to patch.

As for people not talking about skills as much (which I’m taking your word for, since I’ve not been paying much attention myself), it might be because there’s just…not as much need/point anymore. :rolleyes: Most skills that people complain about have either been fixed by the devs one way or another, or are likely never going to get fixed because that’s just how the skills are meant to be and the devs so far seem to be happy with them being that way (see: OFF not dealing damage to bosses, Thermite Mines being generally kinda awkward to use, etc). Though of course, they could always surprise us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, there are a hell of a lot more items than there are skills. Of course people are going to be talking about items more, because there’s simply more to talk about. :wink:

There’s a fair amount of discussion on skills, just not as much as items. For example, there was the long, heated discussion on AAR and Devastation some time ago which seems to have caught Zantai’s attention :rolleyes:

I brought up attention to Warlock a few weeks ago and later there was a super interesting discussion on AAR and Arcanist in general.

Before Chthon disappeared IRL he often brought up and suggested changes to many devotions.

And well, if you think something needs more love then how about you create your own thread with feedback? :wink:

I guess that there’s constantly new items being added and tweaked there’s going to be more discussion about them than skills which we don’t have new ones of. :undecided: