Is it possible to respec

Just a general search answered my question, although the hits were years old, even in this forum. The few I could find say to go to the spirit guide in a city so I went to Devil’s Crossing to try. I am able to remove the points, but when I click undo, they reappear just as they were. I have 430k iron bits so plenty of currency, why is it not letting me?
I would rather not create a new char, I have finally made it to lvl 40 and do not want to replay all that time invested.

This depends on what you have of the game and which points you’re trying to remove.

If you just have the base game then you can remove points from skills at the Spirit Guide, but can’t remove any that are in the mastery bars. If you have the Ashes expansion then you can remove them from the mastery bars as well.

Clicking undo while in the Spirit Guide’s window does exactly what it’s meant to do, puts back the points you removed - because you changed your mind about removing them. Don’t click on that, just close the window. (Red - put points back, green - yes, remove points)

There are also some potions you can get as quest rewards in the Ashes expansion which allows you to reset your attribute or devotion points completely for free.

There’s no way ingame to completely remove a mastery from a class once it’s been chosen and the selection window is closed. That can only be done by using a 3rd party tool like GDStash.


Thanks, this is something I did not know. If the wording would have been cancel, it would have been easy to see. Closing the window was not an option for me, but choosing the points I wanted to undo and then clicking undo was the logical path for me. Now I am able to roll back a few points and try a published build.