Is it worth it to base a whole build to this item?

its a two handed triple rare i found near the ancient grove dungeon, currently i have a level max
shieldbreaker, which as you can see is terrible, if the answer is yes, what devotion/ability should i focus on/take? thank you in advance

I think you should provide a bit more information. E.g, what content you want to play? Which playstyle you prefer? Any build proposal would depends rather strongly on this.

if the linked character was uploaded from your savegame to grimtools - your character has quite some empty augment and component slots - a lacking a lot of potential strength just because of this.

what content you want to play? Which playstyle you prefer?

winning :smiley:, but really i dislike range and casters, but vires might in shieldbreaker looks awful compared to Templar, thats why i wanna make this charterer soloy to farm the vanq set.

yes because i havent farmed yet, and since im unhappy with this version i wont spend my components on it.

But are you glad if the build is strong enough for campaign content or to you want Crucible Gladiator / High shards in the Shattered Realm?

Some kind of Budget Vire Might build should sure be possible …

what about that triple rare item? i feel like i must use it or im wasting a good chance to have a solid build for once, also you saw my vires might build, do you think there is something wrong other then the components?

You confuse me a bit :thinking: You want to build around this gun which has bonus to Grenado and pets yet you

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a triple rare can define a build, but given a certain preferred playstyles - another type of item might be better - the triple rare you found is for grenado and Guardians - and itself is a ranged weapon. So it does not sound that this is a weapon for you.

Your build does not focus on one damage type - not that this is catastrophic for a campaign character - but your percentage bonus to lightning is non existence - and even for fire you only have 1600 (+400 from Spirit), so only concentrating on fire should be better in your case. Your armor absorption is only at 81% - you rely more or less completey on health regen for substain (and need all proc to have an somehow acceptalbe level of health regen), and your OA / DA are imho at the lower end for a ultimate build.

and btw - you have invested one point to much in Volcanic Strike

Edit: e.g. - here is a rough shieldbreaker Stonefather Vire Might / Righteous Fervor sketch using your stuff and the set (weapon and belt don’t have affixes) - not godlike, but should work good enough in the campaign. - Shieldbreaker, Level 98 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (and with affixes and level 100: Shieldbreaker, Level 98 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator)

What the others haven’t touched yet is that the item you found isn’t really a “triple rare” at least in the original sense of the term I know. A triple rare is a monster infrequent with two rare affixes that support your damage type. Think of a triple rare as THE perfect item you need. Your item looks like a Runecaster’s Ugdenbog Flamethrower of Shattered Reality which only has the prefix support fire damage. It’s usable and good but not perfect.

Looking at the item stats itself you can of course use it for a grenado/guardians build, but don’t expect the best performances. You can expect better performance with yellow suffixes, namely of scorching. If you do pursue a grenado build tho, then that item is perfectly usable while you farm for the vanquisher set you want.


I think you need to consult a beginner guide like this one by @Nery. It does look like component farming is hard but it becomes a lot easier when you have a functional build and the returns are better compared to just grinding with a bad build till you get the items for a good one. Don’t be discouraged by the version number, beginner builds don’t really get hit significantly by balance changes

Beginner build around this weapon could be ok. 4 buffed Guardians are not too shabby and Grenado I actually haven’t played yet but it’s something :thinking:

Good riddle, you know, not showing the name heh. Runecaster’s Ugdenbog Flamethrower of what? Arcane Blaze? Shattered Reality?

Anyways, sorry to burst your bubble. It’s total vendor trash.

Good riddle, you know, not showing the name heh

it didnt fit one pic, but yes i think i understand the last part now.

actually this looks like a good bulid, however, i have many legenderes that i could use in my stash (308), i also can farm any set if i can, i just don’t know which one? i have the time to farm, also the desire, but not the direction, when i tried vires might, it didnt seem perfect, not like the templar version, even without the vanq set, which is my main goal, to make a character that can clear the 4 dungens effortlessly, even if its a build i dont like to play @tqFan

isnt this the point ? to max this for slow and fire damage ? i actually was following @ MysteryMeat famous bulid

thank you for this bulid, the thing is i have many other items besides those that i have in my bulid, and i could put a better one then the stonefather set, but i was aiming at vires might bulid, can you tell me why you havent put any point in heart of warth and retribution?

i finished the campaign, just aiming for the vanq set

I recommended a beginner build not just because you don’t have the necessary items to do better, but also to give you an idea on how to build a character from scratch, and a feel on how functional builds with non top tier gear will perform, which will then later on give you more ideas on how to make future builds with other sets. There’s no guarantee you’ll have the exact same items as the builds you wanna try (especially ones with very specific greens) unless you cheat your items so you need to try and learn the ways of building so you could fit what you have. I see you’re already trying with that vm build and the shieldbreaker on your other thread but if you wanna do better then you need resources - beginner builds are one of those.

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