Is low performance fact of life on laptops?

Have tried diff laptops from AMD12/radeon9 to new i5/intel620 to old i7/quadro. All with 8mb and win 10. AMD was slowest 20fps on med settings. i5 fastest but stuttered with 40fps and i7 30fps but less stuttering. Would upgrading RAM to 16mb help?

Lower performance, relative to desktops, is a fact of life for Laptops, yes. With laptops, you generally run into less-than-optimal hardware (particularly in the GPU, CPU, and RAM departments) and worse heat dissipation, which will further slow down your system when under duress.

That said, your bottleneck is almost definitely a GPU/CPU+heat issue. I doubt upgrading your RAM would alleviate much of anything.

Well, the OP isn’t being overly forthcoming on the system specs besides the barest of outlines and by reports of fps count it sounds like some of them are using Intel graphics.

There is also the indication of his accounts that he isn’t creating a game profile and ensuring any discrete cards are being used.

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Thx for advice Ceno. I figured laptops gonna be a drop off but not expecting so much as I see many users reporting “solid 60fps” with similar desktops. Even on menu screen I get 50s. Could put an SSD in i7. Would that help?

The i7 has discete quadro w/2mb. The others are shared.

Thx for your interest powbam. Yes I did create a profile on the i7 for grim dawn and set to max performance with triple buffering and v-sync on and turned those off in game. Not sure if I can do that on the others.

I also set graphics to performance on i7 and maxResourceThreads = 2 in options and played with affinty settings.

That depends entirely on your laptop. Mine runs on the highest settings and laughs at the idea of suboptimal performance. But then, I also sprung for the MSI Dominator, and it has far more power then I ever expect to actually use. Shrug.

Thx for info Nssheepster. My i7 is pretty similar except the GPU only has 2mb instead of 3. HP Elitebook 8570w. Marketed as a workstation for CAD and stuff. Wondering if there’s something wrong with it.

Hm. What else ya runnin’? I don’t, for example, keep my antivirus program running in the background when playing Grim Dawn…No need, it’s an offline game. Computers have a habit of running all sorts of things that you don’t really NEED running the majority of the time, just in case a time crops up when you do need them running. Except those same programs will also start themselves if you need them, so… Yeah.

Generally, check your task manager. Find out what it all is, and if you aren’t using it, kill it, and then give Grim Dawn a higher priority setting.

If that doesn’t fix it… then:
Assume your computer is haunted by the ghosts of old Windows Versions past,
Perform an exorcism,
And cry when the Holy Water shorts out your computer, forcing you to buy a new one.

Low performance on laptops is not a fact of life with the latest GPUs (nVidia 980M, 10x0M), but that such laptops have a higher pricepoint is a fact of life.

I have a 980M and it is pretty much constantly at 60 FPS at 1920x1080 and max settings.

Graphics card for CAD are very bad for gaming. Thats the primary issue.

EDIT: I tried Grim Dawn in my work on PC with professional desktop graphic card. It is absolutely unplayable. Maybe 15 fps on medium settings. On the other side on my notebook with nVidia geForce 670MX (pretty old) GD is running around 60 fps on medium settings.

Game is optimized poorly, that is it.

It’s running an antique engine, so… AFAIK the original engine wasn’t actually well optimized to begin with, so Crate really wasn’t working with exceptional materials to begin with.

8 MB RAM huh?
That’s… pretty low.

And upgrading to 16 MB. Hmm. Not sure if today’s motherboards can support that.

Make sure you have a dedicated video card. The importance of this cannot be overstated (instead of using the on-board video chip).

One issue I see often in these threads is that laptops have a problem with heat. In this regard, you get what you pay for. If you purchase one of the $2500.00 - $3000.00, or higher priced laptops, your system will get rid of heat much better than if you purchase a $900.00 machine. They have to cut costs somewhere.

I got a new computer last year, and can honestly say that I’m really surprised how good programs run from an SSD. On the other hand, if you can’t afford an SSD, make sure you get a hard drive that runs at 7200 RPM - or higher -(anything slower will cause problems).

If you have/planning to purchase a newer machine, I suggest 16 GB RAM. My new computer has that much and it runs really smooth.

As far as the OS is concerned, I’ve been running W10 since I got this new computer, and I really like it. It has been running all my games without problems, and that includes large games like WoW, other MMOs, and single player games like Grim Dawn, Enderal, Skyrim, etc.

The other thing that’s an absolute must: You must make sure that your OS, video card, RAM, and chip are all attuned to/with each other. In other words, the RAM/CPU speeds, etc.

Having everything work together, and then throwing in cheap low-speed 8GB RAM is going to give you a headache.

Good luck.