Is necro best pet class for AOM?

hello everyone! Im interested in playing a pet build at some point and i wanted to know from those of you who have experience with pet type characters is the new necro class one of the best subclass choices for a pet character or is the old conjurer setup that people have used in the past the way to go now?

i also read a forum post that listed this character as a good pet build

basically what are the top tier pet characters in AOM?

Cabalist. It’s not even a question.

do you have a link to a build guide or grimtools or something?

Been on front page for days.

I would have to go with Cabalist as the standard pet summoner now. As of now my 78 Cabalist is running 10 skeletons, blight fiend, revenant from epic offhand, skeletal servant from relic, reap spirit can summon 2 at 17/16 (Bysmiel’s Command devotion pet is bound to Reap Spirit) an Will of Bysmiel amulet can summon 3 temp pets. is the setup I’m going for eventually.

Still think Conjurer is better, especially in HC