Is petrify/sleep a thing yet?

Most changelog info refers to the player side of things: items, masteries, devos, etc. There’s nothing on enemy changes. And since you can’t search for keywords in gt monster database (except monster names) it’s hard to keep up with changes in that field without doing a proper research.

Has anyone done such a research? Is petrify res a thing now or is it as useless as it always was?

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Shadow Strike -> Sleep
I remember seeing something with petrify, probably few monsters from vanilla and FG. I also think I saw a monster or two with sleep, but can’t say for sure here.

Now that I wanted to show you a few monsters with petrify I simply can’t remember which were those… :rolleyes: Edit: (I could’ve just edit without telling as I didn’t even send it yet, but who cares, I want to be “cool” :cool: ) Callagadra has 0.5 sec petrify upon jumping on you (teleport).

I’ve never actually gotten petrified or fell asleep. Except for the times when I am tired as fuck and suddenly everything in every game has sleep and it affects my irl human form too.

Some basilisks and manticores can petrify. Timewarped heroes can too. I believe there’s an FG mob archetype that has it but I can’t recall which.

Nothing sleeps, to my knowledge.

Thx. Where would you place petrify on the list of cc res importance?

In my experience it would be:

  1. slow
  2. stun
  3. trap
  4. freeze
  5. petrify?

I’d put Freeze higher than Trap (even though I flamed Freeze resist on my patchnotes stream) solely for Alkamos’s/Moosi’s existence. Otherwise yes, that ranking looks pretty in-line with my beliefs.

For kiting caster Trap is crucial for survival.Benni is surprisingly annoying,especially in SR combined with heavy hitters.Furthermore you have potion if Moosi spawns.

Yeah I’ve been petrified a few times. One of the most dangerous bosses to face in SR has petrify too I think (the one that does all the poison spine stuff).

But yeah, I don’t think sleep exists. /insomniac pun

I just said that Shadow Strike from Nightblade has sleep but no one listens to me…

It so pointless though, it only works as long as no damage is dealt to the sleeping mob. After a shadow strike, that’s quite difficult to do even if you want to.

There’s also sleep on the rare suffix of the sands, fwiw.

Sleep wouldn’t do anything. Sleep only works if you aren’t hit, once you take damage after the sleep takes place you wake immediately. Seems like a silly mechanic to put you to sleep for 0.1 seconds, it would only serve as a mini stun, in which case just use disrupt.

I feel sleep is a leftover from titan quest that nobody got around to removing. It was pointless there as well :wink:

No sleep was a pretty good mastery in TQ. :slight_smile:

Oh sorry, I should have mentioned in my post I’m referring to sleep effects on enemies.

Certain leafmanes can petrify you as well, as well for some leafmane heroes. It’s their breath attack and wave attack that petrifies.

Why not replace sleep with freeze on SS. It’s no point putting monsters into slumber just to wake them up in a centisecond.
Or change this mechanism into anesthesia, at least this kind of sleep can’t be awaken that easy.