is Ravager even possible on first playthrough?

I’ve heard he’s more difficult than Mogdrogan, which just seems stupid.

On NORMAL (not veteran) my lvl 66 Necro melted the final boss of AOM like it wasn’t there. Tried Mog and he summoned pets 25 levels higher than me (lolwut?) and I got about 1% of his health in 5 minutes.

On NORMAL your characters are too young to have BIS gear in every slot. So have the devs just balanced these encounters out of reach for first playthrough?

Can Ravager even be summoned on Normal or Elite? And if so, is he actually doable or is he going to be out of reach for 99.999999999999999% of everyone?

I love GD but if they’ve balanced the new Nemesis and Ravager based on MOGDROGAN that is an extremely poor design choice- he’s just a giant time sink with no reward at the end, and artificially difficult based on broken resists and near infinite health.

Basically I’m wondering if the new AOM bosses are only for the top 0.1% of players. Because I’ve got 1500 hours played and I still haven’t reached that level.

Mogdrogen still outclasses the new nemesis

Mogdrogen and Ravager are end game bosses so special prep and time devotion is required
If they’re doable w/o BiS equipment and w/o properly optimized builds then they don’t serve any purpose
Every build not beating them is fine as well

What Chthon said, what is the point of uber-bosses if they are no harder than regular bosses.

If you do not prepare at any difficulty, do not expect to win against them, that is one of the reasons why they are optional… for a first playthrough here this means, ‘optimized for 100+ hours before I attempted it’, not ‘I came unprepared with whatever gear I found along the way’

I feel like the two of you are somewhat misunderstanding the question? As I understand it this topic is specifically referencing the normal difficulty versions of these bosses, and asking if it’s reasonably possible to beat them prior to continuing on to the next difficulty. Your responses sound like they’re meant for the Ultimate iterations, which should of course be extremely difficult.

Nope, even the Normal iteration of this guy needs proper prep, difficulty has little to do with him. Prep maybe less depending on the difficulty but he is most certainly hard to do on first playthrough w/o optimum gear, and shitloads of playtime (on all three difficulties)

simple answer: no

you have to really prepare for it same as mogdrogen

Oh, I’m aware of that. With Mogdrogen anyway, I’m just starting AoM and don’t even know who this “Ravager” is yet. I was just hoping to clarify things a bit since the whole “what would the point be?” thing seemed a bit out of place in a topic about Normal.

Actually I’d reverse that by asking what the point of having them in all three difficulties is if you’re going to require an endgame setup regardless. Just make them Ultimate only like the Dalia stuff if that’s what you want. That’s beside the point though, the question has been clearly answered now and I should probably get to bed since I seem to be rambling fairly incoherently here.

Their items of course, on Ultimate these guys are bragging rights. On Normal/Elite their items are worth it

Nah you’re doing fine just pump up some more caffeine and you’d be good to go

Mogdrogen’s shoulders suck, though. Now Ravager’s Gaze, on the other hand, is fucking amazing.

They suck even more now that the proc has been changed from On Crit to On Hit


5000+ posts in a year+ with a signature that big is pretty annoying and damaging to this forum. drop your ego a bit and clean that. u arent special Chthon

And when did I claim I was? Maybe you should try contributing more to the original post and focus less on personal attacks?
My ego is saved for those who deserve it. Try not to add yourself on the list and be a good lad from now on and try not to say off-topic BS like this

the optimum gear thing doesn’t make any sense. you are NOT using BiS gear at 66 because that’s simply not high enough level.

So you believe even at 66 there is somehow “optimized” magical gear somewhere that would let you kill Mogdorgan and Ravager? I’ve never heard of such gear lol.

My point is, I don’t believe these bosses are balanced to be possible on Normal/Elite unless you GO BACK to those difficulties with your Ultimate toon. Which, in the humble opinion of this gamer, is poor game design.

It seems to me something like Ravager should ONLY be possible to summon on Ultimate. And then you got nobody but yourself to blame when you get sauced because you have all your tools available, you should be able to take the time to research, kit out, etc, and really have a game plan. Lowbies are just missing too many tools by default.

I kinda agree here. NO offence but your signature takes too much valuable space and doesn’t carry any valuable info.

-You believe correctly, he is balanced in such a way that he is only doable with a max level toon who makes a return trip from Ultimate
-Ravager on Elite/Normal is for gear, Ultimate is just for pure bragging rights
-When I say optimized build I am obviously talking about a max level toon decked out in Mythics (not necessarily any greens)

I believe Mog was killed during beta when the higher difficulties and gear were not yet available (and he was harder…), but you needed pretty good builds for that, or maybe I just mix some things up now

As to only spawning in Ultimate, I’d rather return to Normal/Elite to tackle them, fighting in Ultimate is a lot harder, so having them spawn everywhere is still a good idea - and obviously you still need to come prepared in Ult too, that is true for all difficulties already

I think they can be beat with good gear for let’s say level 55 (which is around where you finish Normal pre-expansion if you do everything). No need to return with a level 85 char that has beat Log in Ultimate (but it probably helps).

If I recall correctly Mog was killed when there was no higher difficulty and the level cap was 50.

Any ware stories you have regarding Mog? Gibly had an interesting one from testing Ravager:rolleyes:

Mogdrogen was and is still a bitch

during testing he 1 shotted a build of mine with his lightning strike and ravager was just slapping me for 8k-9k health when I used a tank commando which I use to farm all content (including mogdrogen)

I know for a fact you play HC.
So, sorry but I find your suffering as an HC player a little funny since I once made my friend loose a max level HC character to Mogdrogen by telling him he’s weaker than Log :smiley: (He quite HC and is now happy with SC)