Is RR working on enemies' Freeze Resistance?

I know I ask a lot of questions that may seem dumb, but I’m really curious now: If I have “Reduce target’s Resistances by 30”, or “Reduce target’s Resistances by 30%”, or the last one, “-30% Resistance”, do any of them reduce target’s Freeze Resistance or is it only working on ten main resistances?

only on dmg resist, regular RR is not affecting CC res, need special CC RR for that

Oh. What are the items that can provide the Crowd Control resistance reduction? Especially freeze? Because I think that full Mageslayer’s Set does that (can be wrong with that), are there any items that do something similiar? I’m interested because of my total nonsense though fun to make build with a very big cooldown reduction: Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
This gives us a lot of Mirror+Barrier immortality time (overall 9 seconds I think, then 2 seconds of danger, then 6 seconds of safety again etc.), so a lot of defense from that, but also freeze lock on enemies and heroes, due to Ring of Steel + Olexra’s Flash Freeze combo with a cooldown much lower than Freeze Duration. The problem is that bosses have above 100% Freeze Resistance, and I wanted to take it down to at least 80%. And before someone will say how stupid this build is, I’m gonna say: I know it is stupid as hell, with low OA, DA, armor, set items that provide only cooldown reduction and nothing else basically… But I want to check the borders (the first idea was to make the Mirror+Barrier combo without spaces so one can be immortal forever, but the game is too balanced for that).

Full Luminari Set:

And Arcane Conduit with OFF prefix

Good to know, thanks. Mageslayer + Arcane Conduit seems OP for me :smile:

Also for the devs.
That’s why they put it on the same slot (necklace)

Oh. I forgot that Mageslayer has an Amulet XD