Is selecting 'force repair' needed to get buildings repaired?

When you get low on workers and they start to fall back on maintanance, will the buildings that are affected not be repaired unless you manually select them for repairs or will they be repaired regardless? Do you know?


If you don’t have enough labourers/builders and you also have them doing other jobs then yes, they will fall behind with the maintenance.

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So if I am not building anything else, the builders will repair the buildings that has fallen behind on maintanance, even if I have not pressed the ‘force repair’ button. But if I am building other things, the ‘force repair’ button essentially acts like a priority button and will prioritice repairs of the buildings?

Well, it should. Have seen reports that it doesn’t seem to make much difference if you do use that.

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Thanks. So I manually selected hundreds of buildings for repair for no use? Swell :upside_down_face:

Well, yeah, if it’s hundreds of buildings that’s still going to take them a while to do even without anything else on their plates. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yup. The jury is still out if they will make it or if the village will collaps :grimacing: There are no 150 builders attending the problem.

You should not have to “force” repair a building unless you want to set some level of prioritization. An example of this may happen if you’re low on builders and say you’re about to lose your hospital because of it not being repaired. You could force the repair of it to save it (hopefully if the builders make it in time).

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I hear another way to force repair a building: just “relocate” it in the exact same place! Maybe we can try it.

In my experience, there is a distinct ‘normal’ priority for building/rebuilding/repair that works against keeping the failing buildings from collapsing.

Highest Priority is actually not Prioritized New Construction, it is Prioritized Reconstruction of collapsed buildings or destroyed structures from Raids. After a raid, my vandalized farm field fences get repaired before anything else gets done!

Next is Prioritized New Construction, but this is very dependent on how many Builders you have. 5 Builders trying to work on 6 Prioritized New Buildings will make very little progress at all. The only way to speed things up (that works for me, anyway) is to remove the Priority from all but one building, let all the Builders finish that one, then apply Priority to the next building.

Last is Repair Work, starting with Prioritized or Forced Repair. But again, this is heavily impacted by Number of Workers/Builders available. In the example, 150 buildings marked as ‘needing repair’ will simply overwhelm if the number of people available to work on them is, say, less than 50 - one good raid that destroys 50 tiles of fence will keep them from repairing anything and as more buildings deteriorate they may never catch up.

In every case where a building collapsed from lack of repair in my towns, it has been from a combination of Too Much construction/rebuilding/repair Prioritized and not enough workers of all kinds to do any of it: that situation inevitably leads to the Repair work being put ‘on the list’ behind other work until it is too late.

Quickest way to get the repair work done is to remove all priorities from other construction, not check any of the post-raid wreckage for rebuilding, and temporarily reduce workforce or shut down production buildings to get extra workers/builders.

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