Is something broken?

Hey guys,

so I finished normal at level 40 and jumped into elite and I’ve been making my way through it but I noticed something odd. The enemies are 4 or 5 or more levels higher than me but I am getting hardly any experience from killing them. Like I am level 46 and I kill a level 52 elite monster like Zanbrandt for the first time and I got 100 experience from it, in elite. So I went back to normal and monsters my level when killing them are giving me more experience than killing a monster like Zanbrandt in elite. Because of this the leveling process has slowed to a crawl and it isn’t enjoyable. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? It doesn’t seem this slow on my other characters?

More experimentation in normal. Just killed the swamp king me level 47 him level 52, first time kill 100 experience. I mean that isn’t right, is it? I don’t remember it being that low on other characters? Just killed Kalis Ka at level 47 and it was at level 52 took note of the experience before and after the kill. First time kill on it netted me 1.345 exp. Is that low for such a significant monster? Fourth Log kill including mob spawns netted me 1410 exp. Some kind of massive diminishing returns? Doesn’t explain such low experience from first time kills though.

Further to that I picked up the devotion proc for amatok and even though I am hitting my crits with shadow strike, it is not proccing. I mean of the last ten crits I’ve hit with shadow strike it hasn’t procced once. Again maybe I am doing something wrong or the crit isn’t registering? Can it show a crit number proc without it actually hitting a crit?

Don’t bother with it. The most experience comes from quests. Leveling in this game is not so tough as you might think. As for the devotion proc - not sure what to say yet

Regards the Devotion…have you assigned it to a skill you’re using ??

Jaknet: I have tried it on several different attack skills and it is proccing incredibly intermittently, not at all the amount it should be with the way I am critting.

“Don’t bother with it. The most experience comes from quests. Leveling in this game is not so tough as you might think. As for the devotion proc - not sure what to say yet”

I can understand that but I am not yet strong enough to kill the warden and I’ve just spent the last 4 hours running from the rift to his door and I haven’t gained a level. Not having trouble killing things but I have no quests except to kill the warden at the moment. When you consider it took me 7 hours to complete normal and I have just spent 4 without gaining a level, something is off. It is all well and good to give the most experience from quests but when you can’t pass a point in the game to get to more quests it gets frustrating. I went back to normal and started doing bounties to try and get to level 50 and that is causing me irritation as well. I am doing that rover quest to kill the harpy oracles. I’ve run through the whole of barren highlands and broken hills about six times now (six separate instances) and I’ve managed to have three spawn. Also not an issue but if I was in multiplayer and continuously having to restart the session to just complete one bounty? That is ridiculous. I should be able to run through one area and have enough kills to complete a simple bounty.

There is a probability that you are doing something wrong. Warden is not exactly hard boss. Try to kite him, avoid his wave attacks, check your gear. He does phys, aether and bleed damage. Maybe some of your resistances are very low.

Yeah he is not hard but on elite when your gear is pretty bad because you are waiting for level 50 to equip your good gear and you are 5 levels lower than him it can be almost impossible to kill him. Also every time I try to make a cold based nightblade focused character the damage just goes to pot.

You are definitely doing something wrong. I’m using this build, at lv44 my build looked like this and I had pretty much all gear that needed lv20 and below. No components except for a couple emeralds on rings, no augments. Took down Warden in maybe 10 seconds, including his phase transition.

If your gear is really that bad, go do a few bounties and buy some rep gear. That’s what it’s there for.

Okay, so this is the build I have at the moment. I am gearing up end game to use Jagermeister’s cold build which obliterates everything in its path, though I am really not a fan of ABB;

The devotions are a bit off and the resists aren’t right because the build tool is set for ultimate, though my resistances are still pretty low. This gear is self found and I have not found better.

While that blademaster build looks excellent this build is not going to be using a shield.

You can improve your resistances for cheap by putting some components on your armor. Antivenom Salve, Molten Skin, Silk Swatch, and other things like that.


If you aren’t allergic to one more key to press, try picking up blade spirit and assign Amatok to it. It’s well worth it and you get two blizzards that way.

And you should try to boost your resists a bit. Try shopping to get better pants. I’d suggest rob the guardian of Dreeg, but with -50 poison resist that might not be such a good idea :slight_smile: