Is something wrong with Asset Manager? Error Importing Database Record

I’ve finally gotten the two expansion packs. And I wanted to re-make my simple mod to be sure it would work with the new content.

I’ve extracted all the new game files to my ‘Working’ directory twice now. Each time, at some point Windows tells me that archivetool.exe has stopped working. But when I tell it to close program, it continues extracting files, so I let it finish.

But when I create a new mod and try to import a record, I get the ‘Error Importing Database Record’ message.

I can manually copy the files from the database to my mod and Asset Manager seems to have no problem with them. But that is such a pain to do.

So I’m just wondering if there’s a problem with Asset Manager at the moment? Is anybody else having problems?

Did you try starting Asset Manager as administrator? It request admin rights to transfer rights to sub programs to enable them to open files for some reason.

Thanks for the reply Elfe. I finally managed to get it all sorted out. I’d set up my directories wrong. Duh! :upside_down_face:

It looks like Asset Manager (and the World Editor) doesn’t like you to use a ‘Working’ directory. When I extracted everything to their default locations, then they seemed to be happy :smiley:

Did you set the additonal browse / source directories correctly? If you don’t, neither Asset Manager nor editor will read and display the expansion records even though it extracts them.

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Oh yeah, I had to learn the hard way :upside_down_face: but I think I’ve got it all set up and working now touchwood.