Is there a 'best' Commando build?

Hello, I am new to this game but with what I like to believe a considerable amount of experience in games like D2LOD (around 8 years and 6 lvl 98-99 chars) TL2 (running lvl 99 Engineer/melee and later Outlander/gunslinger)

Like I’ve been warned by the internet before started playing, my current character at lvl 34 is already messed up, but I would like to make one that I will max out because I don’t have the time to experiment with different classes and builds

What I am looking after is a RangedCommando (Demolitionist+Soldier) build because this reflects the most with what type of characters I like to play now (melee or mages/casters don’t appeal to me anymore)

What I would like concise help with is the following:

  1. What type of damage should I focus on? Physical or Fire+other elements? And for this I would like you to take in consideration that if there are other classes combos who do one or the other better, for example: if Demo+arcanist are better at Fire Damage overall than Demo+soldier, then I would pick physical. But if Demo+soldier for example is better at physical damage but on the melee side, then I would really start question the success of this Ranged Commando

  2. What type of weapon works better? DW Pistols or 2H Rifle? I know there are different aspects like pistols are faster, rifles have criticals. But if we were to pick at point 1 the Fire, would the pistols or rifles be better? And vice-versa.

  3. Devotions are pretty self explanatory regarding damage be it physical or elemental

Right now, I am using a 2h rifle on my character and think I spent too many points maxing out Fire Strike and Explosive Strike, believing from previous games that the first will complement the second’s stats which isn’t true.

Also my style of playing right now is kiting mobs around and knocking them back and such but I would like some survivability also

I’ve also seen someone using Cadence as their primary skill, guessing that’s a physical orientated build but why couldn’t that be complemented with Fire Damage from passives?

Thoughts please? Maybe someone has this figured out. Like I said, I don’t have much time to build a bunch of characters, I’ve kinda went too far to make this decision and would like a viable Commando that will give me no issues until the end game. Just raw aoe damage with fewer as possible active skills so I won’t have to swap between fog bomb, proximity mine, flashbang, grenade, etc, etc

This is what I came up with: (won’t let me put links since I’m new)
But I think I’m missing AOE damage which is a must
Also for devotions physical, fire and lifesteal
As for stats, I’m thinking 2:1 phy:cun

Thank you

Yes, there is a ‘best’ Commando build and I ‘have’ one. :slight_smile:

It might be best if you post your character. You can use GrimTools to re-create your character and get a URL to post on the forum for sharing. Then people can make suggestions.

there’s definitively a best Commando and he’s melee :stuck_out_tongue:

ranged builds didn’t work that well in GD and in AoM ranged Commando is outclassed by ranged Tactician or Purifier :undecided: not to say it isn’t doable but probably not the easiest way either.

Love your character names, Malazan is the best!

Sorry but I can’t afford the DLC so Inquisitor is out of the question for me

ok no problem (didn’t have it yet myself). in GD vanilla there’s some decent ranged Commando builds. One turns around Valdun’s Set which is designed for a physical/pierce ranged Cadence build, or you can go the dual wield route which means you need a specific piece of gear to allow you to dual wield ranged weapon.

so you’ll need some specific gear anyway, while melee Commando is much less gear dependant and potentially much stronger. but again it’s definitively doable, there’s some nice builds in the classes & builds section.

edit : here’s two i’ve found