Is there a best generic set up for fast leveling?

Hey guys,

so I was futzing with my warder and quite frankly her ability to be a tank at low level is atrocious. Every time I futz with the character she goes from mediocre to atrocious :frowning: She hasn’t died yet but she doesn’t clear very fast. So I was wondering are there generic choices you make regardless of character when wanting to get through content quickly? Note, I’m not talking about skips and things, I am still enjoying playing through the game, I’d just like to clear faster than the current snail pace my character is setting. My stash got wiped out so I am a little limited in gear at the moment but I am not above giving myself items I have had in the past and found legitimately. Any advice on best devotion set up or skills to take would be appreciated. The warder is on the cusp of level 35 at the moment.

  1. Level with Devouring Swarm + Savagery or Cadence (with Fighting Form) + Blade Arc
  2. ???
  3. Beat Normal Difficulty

You asked for leveling advice in your last three threads or so. Why are you opening yet another one?

Take offensive Devotions like Falcon + Assassin’s Blade + Hawk + Jackal, or, if you go the full bleeding route, Hawk + Fox + Falcon + Jackal + Huntress and make Normal your bitch. You don’t have to stick to your end game build ideas for leveling purposes, pick the most effective skills and rush through. Always take Blitz for that matter.
Try to wear items with +AS, +OA, +%OA, +%XP (mainly weapons and jewelry), some yellow Medals, Rings and Amulets can be very powerful in that matter.
Try to farm one or two Cronley’s Signets to boost your DPS and Bleeding Damage, etc.
Finish all Quests to max your XP gain, if you don’t want to use any skip tricks.

Apart from that, listen to the advice given to you in the other threads. As Ceno said, using game knowledge is the fastest way to level up a character.

Any AoE skill.

Eg. Take a 2 handed weapon. Invest all points into forewave line. Lure packs into tight spots then blast them into dust.

It’s very simple gameplay. Kite then Blast. You’ll take out entire packs of mobs and easily get past act 1. Once you’ve reached Act 2 you can respec

I may also mention that “component” granted skills are deceptively strong. Use your shared stash and blast enemies with fireblast, shield slam etc

Leveling through Normal is slow and boring. Sorry. Not much you can do about it. Learn, use components, and you’ll get slightly faster. Don’t waste time on Veteran if you’re trying to go quickly. It adds extra challenge, and nothing else, and if you’re looking to level fast then challenge clearly isn’t your aim at that stage of the game.

Normal just doesn’t go all that quickly, and you can’t do much about it unless you want to get into speedrun level tactics.

How to level fast: Put these items in shared stash

  • Any level 12-20 2h weapon with “of Voracity” affix
  • Level 12-20 boots with movespeed bonus, add Mark of Traveler component as well
  • Cracked lodestone or mutagenic inchor component for their AOE skill (Flintcore bolt works as well, but only on ranged weapon)
  • Loads of potions
  • Calamity relic

Warder is one of the best early game clear with the choice of Blade Arc or Primal Strike. You want atrocious? Try a Nightblade

when you reach lvl 35 try the faction gears might be a gear there that can help like in my internal trauma soldier there is gear for that in devil’s crossing when I was still low lvl

Don’t listen to these people.

Except about the AoE thing.

And leveling being boring, the 10th time through.

If your character is going to be anything that entails Soldier as one of his or her classes, then run a Blitz/Cadence build and, nab the following:

The Guardsman’s Set
The Praetorian Set
The Empowered Guardsman’s Set

If your character is not running Soldier, but is running Shaman, then use:

The Wildcaller Set

For everything else, mix and match.


Herald’s Set

And, lest, I be remiss, use the Explorer’s Set from level 18-getting something better.

If you’ve been around the block several times, do what I do:

Use Gazer Man, a +8 medal, a couple of low level exp rings, an exp belt, Hermit’s Legs, an exp weapon, and a Wretched Necessity when the time comes.

Nabbing 10 Devotional points in the Crucible helps a lot.

Also, please note:

I was being facetious in my opening remarks above.

Listen to all of those cats.

Just not the sheep.

Normal really isn’t boring to play through.

It is actually rather fun.

If you want REALLY tedious, well, leveling from 65 to 75 is where it is at.

Anyway, I’ve found it to be a blast to level in Crucible…F A R faster than normal game as long as you can push your damage skills up with gear, Devotion, and mastery.

Wind Devil is Love/Life, and Storm Totem goes great with it as long as you’ve got the gear (and a mouse/KB macro to hit both shortcuts so you can form a windy zappy trap to cull groups of mobs <3 )