Is there a difference between 0.7.6p4 and 0.7.6?

Because my game version still reads 0.7.6p4 despite me checking for and making sure I’m up-to-date.

Are you still on the playtest branch? That is why.

However, no, there is no fundamental difference.

Lol, I will check! That would make sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a quick question, will staying on 0.7.6p4 automatically give me access to future playtests or will I have to reenroll anyways?

Staying on playtest will automatically download any future playtests when they are released.

But be aware that could mean you could load your game to potential issues as we iron them out.

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Unless the access code changes you can swap to the live branch and just select the test branch when the next play test goes live.

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