Is there a mod that adds Nemesis notifications?

I know this has been asked in past threads and the dead horse is a pile of mush in the Nemesis spawn thread, but I was wondering if anyone ever made a mod that would give you a notification if a Nemesis is nearby or in the area. I know some people want an EA-styled neon blip on their minimap, but I was hoping there could be a notification that could briefly appear on the screen that a Nemesis is in the area.

I also know people are going to say that running the normal spawn points doesn’t take very long, but considering I don’t have as much time to game as I used to, I can’t spend hours warping from place to place hoping I find one.

The issue, insofar as I can tell, is that spawns are not calculated when the game is initially loaded, so you do still need to approach a Nemesis spawn and get close enough for the game to decide to actually put one there.

I’m not 100% sure on this, so maybe there is a good way of doing things, but to my knowledge this sort of a notification would at best save you ~10 seconds of movement per spawn.

Well shit. I was hoping they were calculated upon loading the game. I think the current system is fine if you’re just running through the game - I rather enjoy running across a Nemesis while out on a quest. But if I’m specifically hunting them for their troves, it’s just a pain in the ass sometimes.

I don’t think any of my current characters can handle Ultimate Nemesis anymore, but I am having fun hunting them on Elite (and trying for that damn belt while I’m at it).

Afaik DAIL has a notification when you get close to a nemesis spawn, but I could be wrong.

Yeah, the only way a nemesis radar is possible is if it’s within a certain proximity because as Ceno said, they aren’t actually spawned til you’re close enough. (if you mod camera zoom, you can zoom out far enough to view the silly looking proxies before they become enemies… at least this was the case for TQ)