Is there a pictorial/view list of the buff/debuff/damage icons or symbols that you see in combat

Pausing or mousing over the temporary symbol doesn’t seem to help
Table would be handy.

I gave feedback about it two weeks ago.
Expect the functionality to be implemented.

About debuffs against the enemy. These are necessary for QoL.

Without a public reply visible from Zantai in the thread that might be a bold statement to make just yet :zantai:

And I’m pretty sure that the OP is talking about a published pictorial list of active proc/debuff and cd symbols with the explanation behind it. He’s not talking about the character sheet.

This would be a good idea and it’s something I would have very much liked to have early on as a wiki link or printable page and not take so many hours to put these to memory.

I’ve read that griminternals can put a name instead of a symbol? But I can’t verify as I don’t use GI.

Yes, I am not talking about the character sheet. When in combat, i see a blue X or a broken sword or green or yellow icons that flash so fast I just don’t know what I am seeing/experiencing or dishing out

I looked around for something like this when I began playing. Iirc it exists in some form of a mod that will write the name. By the time I became aware of the mod, I pretty much had learned a large number of icons by trial and error.

Edit: However, it may be a good guide project for someone to start for future players.

Once time ago I made this list of monster’s debuffs from vanilla game.

- Curce of Frailty
RR increases per level

- Curce of Debilitation
Constant values

- Nature’s Fury
Constant values

- Mark of Aetherfire
Dmg increases per lvl

- Enraged spirit
Dmg increases per lvl

- Blood Plague
Dmg and DA reduction increases per lvl

- Spectral Miasma
RR expect physical increases per lvl

- Mark of Pain
dmg reduction increases per lvl

- Despair Aura
Dmg increases per lvl

- Souldrinker’s Presence
Dmg and ADCtH increases per lvl

My dream solution to this would be a toggle that displays all the mouseover text from the debuffs (and the icon, I guess) instead of the quest list on the right - 99% of the time I’m not even interested in my quests, but debuffs are almost always of interest…