Is there a way to disable day/night cycle?

I am probably the minority here but I really like the day time over the grim night. For some reason, day is extremely short in this game and I was just wondering if I can disable the day/night cycle and only make it day all the time.

Yep, there’s a mod that makes it night all the time, so basically the same in reverse. Will try to find a link to the thread.

to help jaknet out :wink:

Much appreciated, trying to do too many things here at once :smiley:

Hopefully GDDefiler will have the day/night option installed and activated eventually. I hate having the nightime back when playing TQAE. GD isn’t quite as bad, but for both games I turn my gamma setting up as high as it will go. No idea how you all manage with it set on normal. :eek:

It’s beautiful on normal :smiley:

The day / night change was the best bit of TQ’s graphics in my opinion, I used to stop and just enjoy the slow change at dawn / dusk, the way the shadows, light, everything changed was stunning, it’s the one thing in GD that I’m really disappointed in, the change is so fast there’s no time to enjoy it :cry::cry::cry:

I find it really annoying in Act 3 - all those trees in the way you can’t see what’s happening at the best of times without it getting dark as well. And I still haven’t gotten used to the fact the sun rises in the west and sets in the east in TQIT/AE now I’m stuck with the day/night cycle again. Forgotten all about that when I had the day/night cycle turned off.

I think GD has a longer night than day cycle. Maybe Cairn has a more exaggerated axial tilt than Earth does giving it shorter days and longer nights. Or maybe it’s just the devs thinking longer nights help make Grim Dawn “grim”. :smiley:

Or just nearer to the north / south pole :wink: