Is there an invisible "what you see is what you get" mechanism?

Hello, i was wondering if the game has some sort of what you see is what you get philosophy, like igf you kill a bat you may drop the wing of a bat.

I wonder this because i noticed that bloodsworn humans often drop items related to magic and minions, so i was wondering if categories of enemies drop only specific magic/epic/legendary items, or if in theory any monste can drop anything.

I got in 10 minutes two good minions items on blodsworn enemies(two blue items) so thats making me wonder if thats related.

In order fo be WYSIWYG it cannot be invisible :wink:

Yes, some drops are specific to certain enemies, much like you noticed, usually not uniques though, but some enemy types have a higher chance because they eg use wands, not swords

For the most part, you can faintly target your drops by targetting enemies using that type of weapon (You won’t get that type usually, but insanely rarely enemies will spawn with a legendary as their actual equipped item post 50, and aiming for enemies who use that type of weapon may get you it). Armor is just really luck based in general though, unless you are specifically aiming for a MI armor.