Is there any good Diviner's build around?

The Diviner’s set is one of the first set that I completed, yet I cannot for the life of me find a decent build for it. Tried the forum to no avail. Is the set really useless? Or has someone found a way to utilize Reap Spirit-Devastation combo to a satisfactory level?

My only idea is something like this. Maybe one day I’ll try it.

Im currently working on this, as soon as i reach 94 i’ll let you know how it works :slight_smile:

I know one Diviner build, designed by Russian player Safarel:

You can see the gameplay here:

I’m making one of these right now, but it’s only level 75.

Shockingly I have a build planned that doesn’t use time dilation, which every single build I’ve seen on this forum uses. So it might not work, guess I’ll see. It’s more on the summoner side of hybrid, it works so far but it’s only elite.

What do you guys use as the LMB attack? And what should be the main source of damage?

For your interest, there’s a thread that was made a few days ago that tried to answer the same question:

All the builds I’ve seen so far use Devastation and the player aspect of Reap Spirit and disregards the pets that come from it entirely. I’ve been trying to mix player damage bonuses and pet bonuses so the pets can feel like they’re actually contributing, but I have not been successful so far.

Thank you for showing Safrael’s video, by the way. I was impressed at how easily he dispatched Fabius so I looked to see where his build differed from my own. Siphon Souls must be a really great ability to sustain yourself, and it looks like it’s necessary because otherwise you have no real way of sustaining yourself, which makes all the difference between surviving and dying.

I farmed loot for the build ( yesterday and equpped my spellbinder with it. It shreds through everything on Ultimate - you can facetank mooks in Port Valbury’s Flames and kill Van Aldritch and his advisors with ease. As for encountres with Nemesis foes, I killed so far only Valdaran and Moosilauke.

More importantly, the build is fun to play.

I guess I’d have to try one of these builds soon; still don’t understand the damage type to choose (Vitality vs Aether in this case) and how to play without an LMB skill. Guess I’d have to jump right in to find out for myself.

I use the spirits in two ways. Essentially I view this build as a ranged caster build and it works exceptionally well doing it. It is great for blocking incoming projectiles or powered up ranged abilities like Zanty’s shotgun as well. Also quite interestingly the enemies seem to aggro onto the spirits more than myself. I use the default attack with reaping arc as my right click. This is the build;

Works really well. I don’t feel the need to take any pet bonus gear as I replace my wraiths every second and they do a healthy 5k damage per wraith. I might replace the runefather ring if I find something better. Against most enemies I will pile in with default attack and reaping arc. Against more dangerous enemies like nems I can sit back and use reap spirit to tear them apart. My build is essentially aether damage but takes advantage of vitality as well.

The Reap Spirit becomes the LMB skill because it can reach like 0,5 seconds recharge.

Looking at Safarel build, makes me want to try it but Apostate instead. Because I’ve already made a Spellbinder.