Is there any inventory space expansion planned around FoA release?

Looks like the release of Fangs of Asterkarn is closer than further, and as usual with every expansion the same issue resurfaces and then is followed by a disappointment - the question of player inventory space, or more precisely- stash size.
Lately, I haven’t paid attention to any in-depth developer updates, but from briefly browsing through recent updates and FoA announcements nothing of this sort was hinted at.

When there was even just Act I it was slightly annoying. After a couple of bigger expansions, item management and mule juggling are extremely annoying to the point where announcing ‘hundreds of new items’ instead of getting me excited, is causing a prolonged sigh.
So- is there any hope for any serious expansion of player stash size? I’m talking about additional chests or multiple rows of tabs in the shared stash.
This subject is partially covered in FAQ, but these are posts and statements from years ago.

I understand initially it might have been (at least partially) an engine issue, but a few years have passed since the release of the game and it seems like enough time to sort out any ancient mess in the code that might have been preventing such a change.
Collecting unique items as bad or good as they might be power-wise (for the enjoyment of their art and design or the sake of collecting alone) is something a lot of people like to do in these types of games. It is possible to do now but since the early days of Titan Quest nothing substantially improved in this regard and people who do enjoy collecting stuff are subjugated to the same archaic, infuriating limitations, seemingly kept in place to maintain an extra layer of time wasting management of items spread across a platoon of mules (or immersion-shattering, slightly less annoying, busy work moved to 3rd party utility apps that modify save files).
Developers can have their preferences but in the end, this is not a niche passion project and it would be nice to finally receive this big QoL improvement after so many years, requested by a lot of people.

Storing 50x (or whatever is the hero limit) of items is possible now through extra characters.
Is there a plan to finally modernize this system and make the experience more user-friendly?


Or maybe it’s finally annoying enough to stop doing that? Maybe devs never wanted you to stash so many items.

I’m hoping not. I’ll just quote myself from the last time this thread came up:

Doing what? Collecting and organizing loot in a loot-based hns arpg?

Maybe we should stay on topic, i.e. information about plans, or lack thereof, for changes in the system I wrote about in the first post? What is ‘so many’ even? The mentioned amount of space already exists and is available to anyone from the start. It’s mostly about its fragmentation and design of accessibility that remained, largely unchanged, for almost 20 years.

Thank you for that quote, but again- what does have to do with my questions? I didn’t ask ‘do you feel a need for bigger inventory’, but for potential developer plans to change it because of the upcoming expansion of available items, tied with the release of the next big DLC.
I’m happy you have empty space in your stash and I’m sorry you’d stash everything without putting any thought into it, but that’s not related to the topic.


I’ve got 12900 hours and I think you should read the post from supporter better. You also give your opinion about stash size, but do you really think anyone agrees with your opinion?

There are none that I have seen.

I read it just fine. I just happen to disagree with the need for it. You don’t get to start a thread about a topic and then say that no one is allowed to post unless they agree with you/the OP.

The quote includes the 2,000 hours part because it was a response in another thread and I didn’t edit it. More hours doesn’t mean your opinion has more or less weight.

As for people who agree with me, we can start with myself and my friend, and also probably the developers if their past responses are anything to go by. Also, my opinion is just as valid as yours. I gave my reasons for being against stash expansion, you don’t have to agree with them, but you also don’t get to tell me I can’t voice my opinion.

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raises hand

In any event, to answer OP’s question:

Extremely highly unlikely. We may see another Stash Tab added, but the concept of an infinite stash is much less an ‘engine issue’ and much more something the developers ardently do not want. And this is probably a good thing for all players, even yourself - when infinite items start getting jammed into a bottomless void, the economic results of ignoring other game systems (namely, Dismantling) result in unintended degrees of material deficit.

As to user-friendliness, GDStash and GDIA are relatively user-friendly (to those willing to follow instructions…) and are both recommended on the Community page: Community – Grim Dawn

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i don’t get it, you’re in essence making the same request that’s made a thousand times; increase stash size

and Res is literally giving you the same bog standard answer that has been one of the devs own stated reason throughout the years “for not expanding storage size”
how the frack is that “not on topic” @_@
Res might not be dealing with the entirety of your post, but is very much dealing with the core of it…

if you’re on PC you have unlimited character slots with cloud sync off btw
^this however, leans into something that i mentioned in another thread
would imo be a good reason to increase stash size slightly or make it tiny bit hoarder friendly; because Xbox players are hardlocked into not using stash tools and dealing with the 50 char limit

I think GDStash and GDIA are not user-friendly mods. Please take a look at Diablo2-mod PlugY, which I enjoyed a lot. By the way, I don’t understand why thousends of requests for more stash are not taken seriously. Those people have also paid money.

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Believe me, I am intimately familiar with PlugY! :smiley:

A lot to unpack with this one.

First off, I’ve been perusing these forums (and reddit…and Steam discussions) for nearly a decade now, and there have not been thousands of requests as such over the years. Maybe a hundred, sum total. And while a hundred requests sounds like a lot in and of itself, it’s also worth keeping in mind that all forums for all games in history have always been a minority of a community. We are a vocal minority by definition! But a minority all the same.

In that vein, there may have been hundreds of people disgruntled enough with limited stash space to take to the forums and weigh in on the matter, and there have likely been hundreds or - perchance - thousands more that don’t enjoy the limited stash but it wasn’t enough of an issue to make a forum account and complain about. But GD has very literally sold millions of copies. These numbers are a drop in the bucket for the spectrum of Crate’s audience. So that “paying customer!” argument doesn’t really hold as much water as you’d hope it does, even ignoring the fact that there are many of us paying customers who ardently do not want infinite stash space.

Mr Ceno,
If you are really “intimitaly familiar” with PlugY, then your statement about GDStash and GDIA would have been more realistic and honest.
In a remark of Gnomish_Inquisition you can read about the number of request for increased stash size.
Your last remark about “paying customer” argument looks like non-sense and bluff to me, trying to silence any critical remarks.

Anyway, wish you a great 2024 and greetings from the Netherlands.

Sorry you can’t take criticism feel that way.

Happy New Year!


Gnomish is known to exaggeration for “emphasis”/effect btw, so don’t take that value i used as real statistics :sweat_smile: - Ceno has been around longer than i have and would have seen more requests than i

Thank you for your friendly reply.

We all paid money for what GD was at the time of purchase. It doesn’t buy us grounds for future demands.

This is not a demand though, just a request as so many other requests have been made to Crate about possible improvements to the game.

Future Demands? Please read better mr Res.
Have a nice day.

Of course it’s not a demand, it’s not even anything directed at developers, but a question for people who have been following dev updates more closely. I haven’t for some time and that’s the reason I’m asking since, as stated in the past by them, these changes are happening mostly around the introduction of a larger number of new items- just like in the case of a release of a new expansion.

But instead of simple ‘No’, ‘Not yet’, ‘We’re still X weeks/months from more in-depth dev logs about FoA’ people instantly write offtopic things, regardless of what has been asked in this thread.
And some of these thing are mind-boggling. It obvious some people want more space, some people not, but this is not a community poll about the subject.
And even if somebody is against the possible expansion of available space, it would be appreciated to limit arguments to sensible things. Not ‘I don’t want it because I don’t need it’ which is extremely silly and preposterous, to be honest.

Having an option to do something does not equal coercion to engaging with it.
Many people don’t use GUI scaling, but you don’t see posts about its removal. Many people don’t play multiple characters at once, but you don’t see pleas to limit active characters to just a few. Not sure what’s different about inventory. If you don’t need extra space then obviously you won’t use it. Where’s the harm? In some people enjoying the game more (or rather, removing frustrating limitations tampering with their enjoyment of the game)?
Unless there are some hard-coded limitations buried deep down in the game code, such change ought to require little development time. We’re not talking about the introduction of player fortress and mechanics of building and decorating rooms or whatever. Even mentioned extra chests are pretty much copy-paste when you get down to game assets if adding more tabs to the existing chest would be very labor-intensive.
I don’t want to directly compare this to things like color-blind options, big cursor size or things like that, but in the end, it boils down to making a not-insignificant number of players enjoy the game more, and improving their user experience.

As mentioned before- developers allow the creation of huge collections of unique items. It’s just possible through annoying and cumbersome method, and the plea is for improving this element of the game, that remains largely unchanged since Titan Quest days, where it was also a big pebble in the shoe.
It’s weird they removed health/mana potion collection and management, and remain extremely stubborn about this issue. This topic being present since the first public builds or the existence of numerous fan-made apps to address that, should be a good hint that there’s a larger sentiment FOR introduction of the option for players to buy more space.

It would be awesome to see some indulgence resulting in finally allowing heroes in Grim Dawn, who are drowning in millions of Iron Bits and scrap, to afford some more space for their stuff. For people that want it.
Ones that don’t need such a thing are not forced to spend their fortune on extra tabs and chests. Just like they’re not forced, and never were, to create mules or buy a single extra stash tab now.

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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. The topic is more stash space, both the OP and the thread title explicitly mention “inventory space expansion”.

Regardless of that though, you also don’t get to tell people what they’re allowed to say or not say.

You’re here asking for more inventory space, but it’s never about more. If they add 1 extra page with FoA, you’ll be back here the morning after asking for another and another, and if it isn’t you it will be someone else, because anything that isn’t infinite stash space (which you already have access to with mods) will eventually fill up and then you’re here back saying “I need more.”

So what you’re really asking for is infinite stash space. At that point there is no reason not to pick up every single item that ever drops and just drop it down the never-ending well of item storage. You never sell anything, you never just walk past something and ignore it. You pick up every item. Because you “might use it one day,” even though we all know that 99.9% of the items that are hoarded in the modded infinite stashes will never see the light of day.

The game fundamentally changes (for the worse IMO) when you’re not selling any items or demolishing them. Now the game is not the game, because you’ve turned it into a never ending magic-item collection game.

Please stay on topic. /s

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I don’t NEED more stash space necessarily, but having more BAG space (ala Grim UI) would be GREAT
just so I’m not teleporting to town every 15 mins to sell stuff… Just sayin’

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