Is there any way to disable the UI?

I want to take screenshots without the UI being visible. I know you can make it tiny but is there any way to make it completely invisible?

Can you not just cut it out of the shot? I do that when using Paint for my screenshots, just crop the shot to what I want.

There is no way to hide the UI.

Are you afraid someone will trash your stats?

I can understand how the UI can clutter a nice picture.

You can do this if you’re playing a mod, by using the console (open it with tilde `). Bit of a shame you can’t access the console in the main campaign, though it’s definitely understandable why you’re forbidden from that…

game.showHud false



Still, wouldn’t be a bad thing for them to put in a keyboard shortcut to disable the HUD in Main. I always liked it when games give you that function.

Looking at your screenshot makes me wonder tho if they can further tweak it to remove the markers above NPC’s heads as well. So close, yet so far.

You can disable the interface with GDTH (no need for any optional mod)! The option can be found in the dev tab (tab10)…

Sure, just need Crate to desync the game and break everyone’s questing ability again! :stuck_out_tongue:


You would ‘just’ need to disable the graphic, not the quest state :smiley: