Is there any way to see more detailed pet stats?

I haven’t played this game in a year and I have a question, is there a way to see what the stats for my pets are beyond what it says in their tooltip?

I picked up an amulet that says 29% of vitality is converted into elemental damage, and my skeletons have +142% elemental damage, but because it’s not 100% conversion it doesn’t say how much damage they’re actually doing now.

No, there is no way to get more detailed tool tips.

There are two things I do to achieve a better understanding though.

You can use grim internals and see your pet DPS as a readout per element.

At the bottom of page 2 of character sheet is the % bonuses totaled for pets from gear/devos/skills excluding some resistances and other stats.

Tool tips aren’t real-time with % bonuses and conversions results calculated, unfortunately. In the context of pet skill tool-tips.

You can use the pet DB and calculate pretty close though, just add flat damage to the pet first, then do conversions, then % bonuses.

You have to theorycraft.