Is this a meme build?

I saw a reddit post (side note: grimdawn subreddit is banned, april fools joke?) a few months ago for casting doombolt and proccing doom bolts of your doom bolts. The main focus is cooldown reduction of doom bolt, chaos damage, and OA for doom bolt on crits. Converting vitality to fire with the medal is optional, but intriguing. the gear is not final, i just pieced doom bolt stuff together. a full clairvoyant set wouldnt seem too good just for 10% chance of 100% cdr compared to using the doom bolt helm. im no expert with occultist in general but this is one i would play if I can make it work. it would be even more cool to make a melee/caster hybrid using fire strike, possible?

can somebody help me try to make it work or verify its existence is truly just a meme and wont work?

It works, I have something like this but mine is much more optimized. The DB breakdown of the GT link you posted will probably deal zero Chaos damage

i see you focused on the fire aspect, is it less optimized to focus on the chaos?

Nope. I didn’t post mine. The fire build is entirely a different build

His is less optimized because he is focusing on Aether and not on chaos. The 2 AD rings will convert it all to Aether.

He also for some reason converts his Vitality damage to Fire. My point is this DB build’s damage breakdown will be a mess.

He has maxed things like Possession and Hellfire Mine, which I am pretty certain are not efficient what with his build converting his Chaos damage to Aether and all.