Is this build viable?


For devotions, your insight is needed? Also what should i change in my masteries?

Short answer - there is a room for improvement – no Solael`s Witchfire …
Have a look at the build of my vitality caster:

Grim calc link does not include equipment bonuses, extra skill points from quests and devotions are added.

Linked devotions:
Devouring swarm + Twin Fangs
Solaels Witchfire + Wayward Soul Mogdrogens Pact + Giants Blood Possession+Turtle Shell Grasing Vines + Acid Spray Storm Totem + Wendigos Mark

Generally the build is my variation of “The Ultimate Vitality Caster” build

What if i dont wan’t to melee =)? I wanna spam dots, totem from far aways =) ? Since i will not be hitting solael’s witchfire will not be needed rite?

My build is not melee at all :slight_smile: Solael is not refered to only melee attacks :slight_smile: +% vitality damage is the needed bonus

Why not put the points in Aspect of the Guardian instead? Phys resist + %vitDmg seem better than just +35% Vitality Damage.

(unless you need the aura but still i would just 1 point it)

Or am i missing something?

Because I have already 7 castable spells - Sigil of Consumption, Curse of Frailty, Doom Bolt, Wendigo Totem, Storm Totem, Devouring Swarm, Grasping Vines. Adding 8 spell, which must be constantly recast at every 30 seconds is too much for me. Besides i use Blood of Dreeg only occasionally.

Excuse my noobnes guys, but what is main damage dealing way (cc and single target) for a build like this? I have both classes on other combinations and I wander which of selected skills has enough power to actually kill stuff, en masse and though stuff.

No individual skill is all that powerful, its the combination that you are always keeping up that does the work.

Exactly, and this is why i wanna try it. So what should i change to improve it and also what about devotions? There are a few vit damage devotions, and they are far away from each other.

How about this?

Much better.

I would drop some points from Destruction and Second Rite in order to max Hearth of the Wild, but this is only may opinion. Finally the diversity of builds is what makes the characters unique. Have you descided about devotions? Feel free to change whatever you don`t like - adding Dying God constellation is also very good option.