Is This Item Legit?

Hi, I was hoping one of you guys/girls could help me to confirm what I already think… I traded for this Worldeater last night but I suspect that it’s a GDStashed item due to the health regen stat, can someone confirm please so I can destroy?

If it is confirmed to be not legit, does anyone fancy trading me a legit one in HC?

You can craft legendaries in the AoM hidden craftsman. I am not sure, but I think this includes MI’s too.

GDStash allows adding Etram’s bonuses to MIs even when set on prevent impossible crafts so I guess that’s possible.

I thought that the celestial smiths couldn’t craft MI items?

It’s possible to drop from Shar’Zul with that stat?

No. Not legit. Probably generated by GDStash. The hidden smiths can’t randomly craft MIs. GDStash, on the other hand, can add the health regen when used to generate the item.


This. Worldeater is only obtainable from Shar’Zul himself and thus can’t be crafted or obtained from the legendary blacksmith.