Is Titan Quest. net down for good?

This probably doesn’t belong here but for several weeks I can’t load the website and I received this error:
This site can’t be reached

(due to lack of threads I can’t post link) took too long to respond.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics

At first, I thought it was my horrible internet but later on when I was reading around I found archive. is and everything was there leading me to think that it has gone down… Sorry for bothering you guys but I know that there were several users there that are active here.

Hi Xul

Answer is we don’t know. Went down on the first September and hasn’t been seen since. As you probably know the site’s been having problems for 18 months now - there’s a thread about it here:

So any news about whether we ever get it back or not will appear there as will alternative options.

I’ve e-mailed the owners a couple of times, but no response from them and no site back either which is usually what we get when I drop them an e-mail and it’s just a technical problem. I’ll try them again tomorrow, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope. :cry:

That would be a crying shame.

Def glad I archived a ton of builds years ago…

Even though I’m fairly certain most of them are broken thanks to TQ:AE.

That’s why i refuse to uninstall TQ:IT 1.17c and Defiler heh

My Internet Security actually gives me a warning screen about a “deceptive site” trying to access Anybody else? Is this because the site is just infested now or because it’s been abandoned?? Never got that message before. Even not too long ago.

No, some browsers have been giving that warning for a while. There was a phishing attempt a few months ago which was the cause of it, not the fact that the site’s now down. My IE10 browser doesn’t care and happily goes to the site (when it’s up) without any notification while Firefox still warns me every time, even though I’ve reported that the site is no longer deceptive several times over the last few months.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t think it was deceptive. I never got that message, even about a month or so ago. Just wondering why all of a sudden it gets blocked. Thanks for 'splainin.

I read somewhere that they have finally decided to pull the plug on the site, and that new fan site have recently been made to accommodate the still existing player base.

If ever this rumor is true, I tip my hat off to the old TQ community. Was fun while it lasted.

gasconron as I said in my other reply a new forum is in the process of forming here

Several of the old crew from are already members and we welcome anyone and everyone who loves the game and wants to participate in the forum. :slight_smile:

We’re just sorting out the forum layout at the moment since it will cater for both TQIT and TQAE, but questions, mods and translations are already being posted there. So hop over and join us.

that’s awesome. I’m back in the wagon, boss… :stuck_out_tongue:

You may be able to close a forum down, but you can’t close that forum’s community spirit down folks. :slight_smile: That’s what made and makes GD’s forum here such great places to belong and contribute to.