Iskandra set QoL request

Please change set bonus from 20% of +100% of skill cooldown reduction to -0.5 sec skill recharge for TSS. Current bonus makes TSS unpredictable in terms of DPS and a bit inconvenient with skill rotation


Such change would set a precedent for removing all such skill modifiers in favor of -X s skill recharge :wink:
Because you can repeat the same argument for every one of them.

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I wouldnt mind :smiley:


Wouldn’t it be just a purple Trozan set with that change ? :thinking:
I think I’m the only person that likes those random cooldown resets, it feels pretty good on Grenado/Doom Bolt but that’s my (unpopular) opinion

Isn’t -0.5 s too much? I would say -0.3 s would be better.

-0.5s is what you get with the Rolderathis Tome, for a 5p set bonus that takes the off-hand, amulet and helmet it’s pretty reasonable. You could ask for 0.6s.

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Prob a bit, but still Iskandra is a different concept

I didn’t dare to ask for 0.6, but… :upside_down_face:

+1 for the idea and - even more - why not remove all these x% of 100% cooldown reduction chances and replace them with some flat cdr?
It makes the game and certain skills really inconsistent.

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I’m against this. Flat cooldown reduction is not as fun or interesting as a chance of a cooldown reset. Iskandra set is fine. If they ever change it, I’m refunding the game.


I’m ok with it, just make it slightly less rng, for example 20% of +100% of skill cdr -> 40% of 50% skill cdr. It would happen more frequently and predictable.

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Very good kind of argument “I like/dislike”. Nobody says Iskandra is bad. It’s all about consistency in terms of dealing damage. You can’t predict how often the sklll reset might proc -> you might nearly oneshot bosses or just scratch him

I’m agree on this

Ah, good old days with lavaburst oneshots :laughing:. But there was a huge chance (40-50%) of double casts. It’s still better than 20% of +100% of skill cdr

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Consistency appealing only to number-crunching min-maxers. I find the current system way more exciting that a boring and samey flat cooldown reduction, like when I throw the shield with an OK and an extra throw triggers (even more when the CD keeps refreshing more times in a row!).


What a constructive argumentation, I should say

Getting 5 TSS in a row is satisfying and hilarious to me, so big -1 from me. Same applies to Ulzuin Chosen and all other chance for 100% CDR sources.


It’s about as constructive of an argument as your opinion on the matter since, as it turns out, you’re both right. There is no wrong answer here since it ultimately comes down to what you personally find enjoyable.

There are plenty of ways to play TSS with a consistent cooldown reduction already. There is no way we’re going to “normalize” chance of CDR effects.

Iskandra’s version of TSS is inconsistent because it’s supposed to be. It feels different to play and offers variety in the game, rather than monotonous across the board flat CDR that’s being pushed for here.


Ok, I got it.
One more try - could you be so kind to add some AoE to offhand proc? :scorv:

It really is I think.
Fun to me is a char parameter more important than survivability or damage potential.


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