Isn't Depraved Sanctuary a One-Shot chest?

Maybe this has changed, but I was always under the assumption that the chest past Salazar (in the big room, not the smaller loot room) was a one-shot. If so, I was also under the assumption that an Epic was always guaranteed, but today I got a legendary instead of an Epic. I haven’t found that many legendaries, so I am unsure if this is normal.

Any clarification would be appreciated.

this was changed in the last or before last patch if i remember correctly. You can now get legendaries instead of epics out of oneshot chests if you lvl is 50+ (chances increasing on elite and even more on ultimate)

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Thanks for the clarification. I thought that may be the case but I wasn’t sure.

So… if you created a new character (after the update) and completely ignored all of the one-shot chests until Level 50, each one would be a shot at a Legendary?

I recall reading that the chest scales to the area level, not your player level. If that’s the case then that would only work in zones that could scale up to at least 50 without hitting their cap.