ISO 2h Ranged Druid build

Constraints: hc, self-found, though my mules are reasonably stocked, must be a 2h ranged Druid, would prefer the weapons to be rifles (since her name will be AnnieOakley) but willing to break RP and use XBows

Unconstraint!: not interested in killing end-game bosses, just want to get to lvl cap

The only build in the compendium appears to be abandoned and to have been written by someone fairly new to the game. I’ve done searches and not found anything kept up to date or fleshed out reasonably. Hoping that something exists that I haven’t found yet. Thanks in advance for any help.


You can draw inspiration from this build. It’s very good and probably what you are looking for. You can use Either Vortex as he does of souls or Raka’Jax.