Issue: Windmill won't process grain - v.0.9.1A

Apologies if this has been covered in another thread - I have tried searching and not found anyone with the same issue. It may also be me being stupid rather than a bug/game issue! If so I would love help XD

I have grain in a granary, next to a windmill, workers in the windmill, and builders and labourers available. The windmill will not process the grain - the workers’ status shows ‘Idling - Unable to Work’.

I have tried kicking the workers out and then re-staffing the windmill.

I also have a staffed bakery, if that’s relevant.

Image showing windmill not processing grain

Your windmill doesn’t have any heavy tools so it can’t operate. Buy a couple from a trader if you’re not making them yourself yet. Though how you’ve disabled them I don’t know.

Thank you very much medea!

Turns out it was just me being stupid!

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