Issue with repairing buildings/condemned. Repair icon not working V0.7.5f

I have enough labourers and builders, plenty of resources and some buildings became condemned with no options.

I saved and reloaded and then I had options on a new icon to select the building to repair or destroy but when you click the icon, everything is greyed out with “building is condemned” but no option to repair


Known bug.

Ahh okay, thanks

The trick… just choose to move the building when its repair bar is yellow. And move it over top of itself. It will then be repaired. :slight_smile:

Just started a game and found three Large Houses in trouble. Two were deteriorating and the third was already condemned. Moving the two deteriorating ones onto themselves did not fully repair them. After moving them onto themselves, when the destruction and rebuilding were done, these two houses were at around 69% each, and declining. The condemned one had both the “destroy” button and the “move” button in upper right grayed out. It’s abandoned, an eyesore, and nobody’s bothering to bring materials for repair (out of my 98 laborers) and nobody’s bothering to repair it (out of my 40 builders, only 10 of whom are actually working). It’s frustrating that I can’t do anything about this. We need to be able to actually summon laborers to bring materials and builders to repair the buildings. The little crossed tools tooltip should be made hot and used to summon the laborers and builders.

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Oh ugh, sorry to hear that. I found another trick just the other day. Pressing the delete key after selecting a house allowed me to destroy it and salvage 50% of the materials. Perhaps that could work for you?

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You can use the Clear tool at the bottom right. Just select Buildings then drag over the building in question. The only way to delete them in that state

Well, I’ll certainly give it a try! Thank you.

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If the above doesn’t work, I guess I’ll try that. This house declined awfully fast!

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It worked! Thank you very much!

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