Issues linking an item piece to a set

Lurking through some older thread on custom made item sets by user Ceno, I decided to try my hand at it myself. However, I can’t seem to link one of the amulets to the set. Thus far I’ve made two items out of four in the set, and the helmet seems to link correctly as seen here

On the other hand, here’s the amulet in game.

And the dbr for the item set seems to be fine too(unless i’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also curious what makes the (S) show up next to set items. Is that something that will show up later as I’m done linking all the items to the set?

Would greatly appreciate some advice!

The (S) is because of rainbow filter, it’s not a game feature so you won’t see it unless you add it to the filter or your own tags.

I guess you forgot to add the set dbr to the amulet in the “itemset” field. There’s really nothing else to adding items to a set. Add item to set dbr, add set to item dbr.


My bad with the rainbow filter. I’ve grown accustomed to certain mod features…

Just for clarification, there is no difference between “itemset” and “itemsetname”, right? I seem to have linked the dbr on the amulet here to the set, same way for the helmet too.