Issues with fertilizing

I’m having issues in apllying compost in one of my three fields. The 12x12 one at the left. Unless im missing something, seems a bug.

Here’s the image:

(Also, there’s a bit delay in restocking food on my cellers after the harvesting but maybe is due to low amount of workers, idk)

What’s bugged about it? I assume you mean the one on the right that’s pending compost. That just means it’ll be added when the next year starts which you havent quite reached yet. Or was it like that before you even attempted to add compost to it?

I see you’re doing it manually rather than setting the game to fertilise either the highest or lowest field.

And yes, if you don’t have enough workers then jobs won’t get done fast enough.

No, no ,no, i’m talking about the one at the left, the 12x12 one. There’s the big one 24x12, a small one 12x5 and the 12x12 at left. Maybe you can’t see it properly cause my resolution and stuff are low, but it’s there :smile: there’s no “add compost” or anything what so ever available on the field so I can aplly it.
Yes, I had it manually at first, then I put auto and still I do not have that field fertilized.

Maybe it just doesn’t need it. If it’s fertility is high then it may not require any compared to the other fields.

No, my friend, it is 64% fertile. Once crops are “ready” the fields are available to receive the composts and that didnt happen.

Going to log in again and check if that was fixed somehow and it was just a visual bug or something.

Well, yes, I loged back in game and it was fixed. Thanks for your time! :smile: :handshake:

Yeah, reloading often fixes stuff. Weird though.

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