Issues with healing hero groups

Recently ran into a group of 4 aetherial healer heroes in SR 65 with this build. Between their damage absorption, some of them having CC attacks, and constantly healing each other, it’s no exaggeration to say that they’re considerably more durable than nemeses. It took ~35 seconds to off the whole group, compared to about half that to kill Kuba. This was without modifiers that affected damage output, with a damage type they aren’t notably resistant to.

Can healer-type heroes get a passive effect with a big -% healing received or some other solution to keep them from healing each other and dragging out fights?

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Oh, so you’ve managed to kill them.
I once encountered such group in SR90. Gave up after two minutes.

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:smiley: Yeah, did you ever encounter them near a nemesis and also more a few heroes and among them one arcane? I ran back to the previous chunk. Though I never reached 90 but they are pain in the ass between 65-80. Try them with an elemental damager… Physical/Pierce/Bleeding builds can kill them easily though.

You killed a boss group of SR65 in 35 seconds while the other you gave up after 2 minutes on SR90. I think the game’s become too easy for you.

Generic heroes shouldn’t take longer to kill than half a boss chunk. Healers’ abilities are highly flawed when it can be applied to boss and nemeses-level health pools. It’s the same kind of problem as heroes getting ridiculous resistances from gear; in fact, it’s the same type of hero who causes these problems.

Also, it’s likely that the above posters weren’t playing a physical/bleed/pierce build, which doesn’t suffer from the resist issue nearly as much. Zero relation to perceived difficulty.

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No need to call Zantai

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