It Lurks Below (by Diablo 1 + 2 creator David Brevik)

just released from early access, fun addictive Terraria/ Starbound + Diablo inspired ARPG solo project.

it has: loot, multiple character classes, monsters, bosses, difficulties, digging, farming + survival + loads more stuff

fun, addictive, just what the butcher ordered. :wink:


Have had my eye on this one for a while. Glad it’s finally out and hope to give it a spin soon when I’m not tight on money/not willing to take anything from the Borderlands fund.

Shame it’s SP only though. It seems like it’d be a wild experience for multiplayer.

I went through some of the iterations since the torchlight frontiers announcement (Max from Runic plugged the game), and it is definitely fun. Skill trees were added temporarily for wizard and warrior, but since they couldnt be made on time for all classes, they have been put on the roadmap to be added later.

I’ve seen the dev saying that if the game sells well (let’s say enough for a one year of salary) he would add multiplayer and more content. I’m also interested into the game, just don’t have much time to play video games these days. Just have a bit of time for grim dawn.

Isn’t that an MMO?

I ended up picking this up over the weekend. Playing Descent mode with a bard, and really enjoying it so far. Thanks for the heads up/reminder about it!

Does it have a story mode to it?