It takes too long for children to grow

I am on year 15± and i have 20 children that cannot work, or do anything.
I cant expand city, I cant build anything because I need laborers. the more houses I build, more children are born instead of immigration comming in. Children been growing for years, how long it takes them to be workers finally? Literally been sitting and staring on my computer screen for 20 minutes and cannot do anything. Cant also expand more because I cant support more children born to feed them, and dont have people to get me more for larger population.

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Screen shot your labor and resource management windows. I usually have to suppress my population growth or else it happens too quickly. It sounds like you have major inefficiency issues. Maybe some people can help you utilize your resource management better.

Oh great.
Gibberish from chatbots.
That’s just what this forum needs, eh?

Best to accept immigration and then build the housing needed, up until about 500 population.

Building excess housing prior to direct need will see the AI fill them with useless drones (newborn), because the AI is designed to be adversarial and inflict hardship in any way it can.

Keep your labor pool up to par, by not overbuilding your ‘worker allottment’.

Don’t build so many work buildings until you have plenty of workers to fill minimum requirements.

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Not a bot. But I can be a dick. Sounds like ur bad at math. The game is mimicking real life 1 year is 1 year. So those baby’s take a while to grow up to be ready to work unless your Mao.

Child labour, most of the kids go to work around 12 years of age.

Children do actually grow up faster than that. I forget what the exact aging curve is. It is still a few years before they can help stock homes, and then several more before they reach adulthood and join the work force.

But saying they take too long to grow, um…well, they are humans.

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