Item(box/container) giving other items

I was wondering if it’s possible to create an item that grants other items. Like caches that gives 2 designated equipment items once you double click them, or a box that gives you 3 designated items. For more specific example, If you open/use ‘item A’, which is in a form of a box or a crate like legion supplies, you’ll get a medal and a necklace that I made(semi-custom items).
I know same type exists all over the field in forms of chests and breakable objects but I just wanted to make this as an item, so that it can reward you with certain semi-custom items. Any tips or guidance will be highly appreciated.
Please and thank you.

I think this has been already implemented in another “way”. I speak about the Set Bonus. Means, when you have got the Blueprint for a Set Item you can build it and transform it to another Set Item. And at the point where you have got all parts of that Set you will get your extra Bonus regarding to the Set. That is in my opinion like an extra “Item” that is bounded to the set. And you do not need an extra slot for an extra Item.

Probably I am completely wrong with answering your question as I probably have not understood your need or request completely… But I think the “set mechanism” is pointing you to that “request direction”…

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Yes, that’s not what I’m trying to make since 6 hours ago. I guess my explanation in the original post is lacking so I’ll have to edit there as well. What I meant was this: If you open/use ‘item A’, such as a box or a crate, you’ll get a medal and a necklace that I copied(semi-custom items). I’m not trying to add options to an item. I’m trying to make an item that can reward you with certain designated items.

Ah. Now I see your point.

I think it could make sense for rings. Because you have 5 fingers per hand but we can “only” wear one ring per hand.

Getting a medal by double clicking a sword won’t make sense in my mind. It would make sense the other way around in my mind. Have a socket in a sword where you can implement a medal to buff it would make sense. Therefore they have implemented components and augments you can add to the items…

Sure, I have understood your request now. But to be honest. And this is only my personal opinion. I am not really with your thought. Sorry to say. It would be “unrealistic” in my opinion. Of course it is just a game and does not need to be “realistic” :slight_smile:

Yeah what shall I say. That is everything I would like to add :slight_smile:

Again, you didn’t understand. and what the heck? I’m starting to think you didn’t have any intention to help me in the first place. Please bother someone else.

OK OK. Sorry If you feel bothered. That was not my intention. Sorry :frowning:

Yes it’s possible, cataclysm mod did this. Check cataclysm mod or dawn of masteries for reference. Couldn’t tell you how since I’m not at my pc

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The lockers in Cataclysm and DoM do that, as Asylum said. There is a limit of 3 guaranteed items per ‘container’ though, at least with this method.

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Thank you for this great tip. I was almost about to give up and do something else about it but you gave me hope. Although, since I’ve never installed other mods, I was wondering if you’d be so kind to give me a simple guide on as to where to start? I can do the specifics of course. I know I’m being little here but I’ve been racking my asset manager for days and haven’t even got close to it. I really want to make this work.
Oh, and thank you too mamba. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the container system on my vanilla mod but three is good enough for me.

  1. download mod
  2. unzip mod
  3. extract mod’s .arz file (via ArchiveTool -database arz-file target-dir)
  4. look at extracted .dbrs to figure this out (6.9 KB)

The above is one such locker example, you could also use mastertables rather than specific items for lootMisc1Item1 etc., e.g.


The item skill (i.e. locker_spawn.dbr here) needs to be added to


for the skill to work

Finally, that locker_item.dbr needs to be able to drop, obviously

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Thank you so much! I think I can make this work from here.

You can do this by using a OneShot_Scroll item (such as the exp potion or Will’O’Wisp in a jar) which spawns an invisible pet with 0.1 seconds lifetime as skill which has a lua trigger onDeath that will give certain or random items directly to the player’s inventory.

This way the items won’t fall to the ground for you to pickup first but end up in your inventory just as lootboxes in other games usually do.