Item Drop Sounds for Legendaries // Ultra rares? :)

Coming over from PoE I have to admit that I rly would love to have drop sounds for really rare drops. :slight_smile:

Would like to hear what you guys think about this.

Cheers, Mergo! :slight_smile:

Good idea, especially for DoT builds!

Good idea
/10 chars

Given how many sounds are in this game, trying to find something that stands out would be difficult. I’d rather have an icon (little purple blip) on my minimap showing if a purple dropped, especially for the DoT builds.

Now thats a great idea as well! :slight_smile:

Why not both tho… now that I think about it.

Also IMO it shouldnt be too hard to find drop sounds that stand out. :slight_smile:

As a DoT player, It would be very welcome.

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D3 did it nicely…a special sound, star on the minimap and a golden pillar on the gamemap

The huge flashlight from hellgate london was pretty cool though.

great idea, +1

I played Hellgate: London countless hours, but I’m drawing a blank on this feature.

That being said, I really wish Flagship Studios didn’t go under. That game had so much potential and they left it a buggy broken mess.

Good idea. When you will in hard fight, you will rush to get it before to die :smiley: