Item rarity explained

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As you journey through Cairn there will be five tiers of items available to you:

Common items are the lowest and most abundant tier. They are the base items used for magical and rare items. Common armor only offers some armor protection, common weapons simply deal damage.

Magical item is a common item that has an extra one or two magical affixes. These affixes add extra magical properties to the item, while leaving the base stats unchanged. A magical item can have one prefix and/or one suffix.

Rare items are the same as magical items, only the chance of getting a rare affix is lower than getting a magical one. The combination of magical and rare affixes is not exclusive, an item can have one rare prefix and one magical suffix, or vice versa. An item with both a rare prefix and rare suffix has a very low chance of dropping, but has the potential to be one of the strongest item in the game.

Epic items are unique items and are not based on a combination of common base items and affixes. Instead they have a unique stats, unique art and a unique combination of properties, often combinations not possible with rare affixes.

Empowered Epic are powered up versions of low level unique items which have been updated to become competitive with high level equipment. Empowered Epics are treated like new items in that they do not just get their existing stats increased, they also receive new bonuses and skills on top of that. The empowered epic’s will drop at level 50

Legendary items are unique in the same way as epic items. But legendaries are of higher quality, offering better/more bonuses. These items are the best available. Unlike Double Rares, Legendary items come with pre-determined bonuses that will often defy convention with powerful bonuses to specific attributes or granted skills that turn over the balance of power. Legendary items will drop at level 50

There is a special tier of Common items, often referred to as Monster Infrequents. They are specific to monster types, some even to one boss or hero. These are common items that have additional properties as if they had a magical affix. They can still get bonus affixes in the same way as Common items: one prefix and/or one suffix.


Important: The Always Show Loot Filter is now stored on a per-character basis. You can change the loot filter set for your character by pressing the new button on the left side of the HUD.

you get the option to choose between: [ul]
[li]Show no loot[/li]

Very handy! Thank-you!

What if i change the rarity color bind ?!
I really want it like this:
Common: White
Magic: Green
Rare: Blue
Epic: Purple
Legendary: Yellow/Orange

Is one of that options this way?

You might be able to change this through mods. But a default option does not exist for this (or any other) setting.

It does exist in settings> graphics, i’ve seen this option in other games aswell and it changes the loot colors only “the colobind”. like in Borderlands.

Here it seems to be broken or somthing idk, i just tried it but it changes the whole game colors! it looks aweful if you change it, that supposed to change loot colors.:rolleyes:

The setting you’re taking about is COLORBLIND mode, it’s there so that people who are COLORBLIND can have an easier time playing the game. What you are asking for is a completely different thing, and will probably have to wait until after the game is released so that someone can add it with a mod.

Is there anything that affects the item drop? In diablo, and many other games we had all kinds of magic finder’s, and how its done here?

For me drop rate is really fine, so is my char doing :smiley: , I am now lvl 38, mine avg item lvl is 26 and I am cutting the whole waves really smoothly playing on veteran.

I aslo have some kind of fethish that makes me belive that drop rate is actually affected with our in game actions : P. For example: if you die you have like lower chance for a good drop. I think its hard to say if thats really a case, but some kind of reward for being able to finish area without penatiles could be interesting.

There is no magic find in GD. The only things that affect item drops is to increase the number of mobs. The best way to do that is select Veteran mode when playing. The other way is to play multi-player which increases loot. If you do both, that’s even better.

I’m currently at level 60 and I have yet to find a single Legendary item…I wonder why that is?

Mist likely because they’re not in the game yet as droppable loot…

There is only 1 legendary item in game and it’s level 25 and it’s only gained from killing the avatar of mogdrogen.

Level 75*


Items that give you the option to dualwield Melee or Ranged:

Ranged items:
Chest armor
Gunslinger’s Jacket
Empowered Gunslinger’s Jacket

Marauder’s Ammo Belt
Empowered Marauder’s Ammo Belt

Barrelsmith’s Crossfire
Barrelsmith’s Salvo
Mythical Barrelsmith’s Crossfire
Mythical Barrelsmith’s Salvo

Gunslinger’s Talisman
Marauder’s Talisman
Plunderer’s Talisman

Pyroclasm Mark
Mythical Pyroclasm Mark

Dualwielding ranged Class skill abilities: Inquisitor

Melee Items:

Direwolf Crest
Mythical Direwolf Crest

Bladesworn Talisman
Bladedancer’s Talisman
Blademaster’s Talisman
Belgothian’s Carnage

Dualwielding melee Class skill abilities: Nightblade

Cool, thanks for info, new to the game and still figuring it all out.

Make new type of items - UNIQUE or any other syonyme for it !

They should be stronger than legendary, or stronger then rare and weaker than legendary - or both !

They could be sets or ofc independent ! etc


there are epics which are items inbetween Rare and legendary

Please, for the love of god stop posting these idiot posts… they are giving me headaches

I pick up everything haha!

Well, found my first legendary yesterday at araound level 40. Lucky me! :smiley:

Very good work I recently got the game and are loving it,i have recently finished the game in normal mode and are now playing in elite is their a higher chance of better gear dropping in harder difficulty ? Q(’.'Q)

Hi, when I was reading the rarity description I noticed it says:

Rare items are the same as magical items, only the chance of getting a rare affix is lower than getting a magical one.

To me this reads that rare items more often have lesser affixes. Is this a typo or am I misinterpreting this? The post is 1.5 years old and no one has pointed this out, so I could very well be wrong.