Item tiers (mostly gear) - Asking for possibilities

Below is only asking for what is possible for the mod (maybe someone have already implemented some/all):
I was wondering if the items can be re-tiered (expand the item hierarchy) and where we can also add more filter options (+ maybe even state: which part of the gear - individually).

We get so many items that drops, waste lots of time on looting and checking stats.

It would be cool if we could find items that are only upgrades and were we can focus on combat (we can always change the filter options if we need crafting material, iron, etc).

Example: Green gear and where they have both suffix and prefix:
Add new tier colour, above blue.
Blue that are better than average blues should have a new tier (one step higher).
Same structure for purp (legendary) as blue.

Also, for reducing lagg and increase performance; maybe have items that are lower than the filtered option; to insta vanish (example white and yellow items)?